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Predicts AI and Machine Learning, Diversity and Medical Affairs will Transform Biopharma Product Development

MORRISVILLE, N.C., Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Syneos Health® (Nasdaq:SYNH), the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization, today released its 2023 Health Trends: Personally, Purposely Building What’s Next. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning producing an era of rapid new pathways, to an industry-wide push for equitable representation in clinical trials, 2023 will be a catalytic year for biopharma clinical development and commercialization.

The 13th annual Trends release details that in the new year, technological evolution will likely lead to profound changes in how organizations think about and learn from data. Syneos Health expects AI and machine learning will help drive strategic decisions to accelerate the commercialization of new therapies to patients. Simultaneously, as the healthcare environment grows in complexity – with increasing regulatory scrutiny and new technologies – the urgent need to bridge the gaps between data, medical information exchange and strategy will drive demand for Medical Affairs innovation.

“2022 was a year of reset. We are looking to 2023 as a year of renewal and re-imagining, where the senses are sharpened around what we need to learn and put into practice to build a sustainable future for the industry,” said Leigh Householder, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Technology and Data Solutions, Syneos Health. “Notably, we expect 2023 to be the year AI moves from promise to performance, helping organizations realize the value and impact of our understanding of population health, improving global data, refining clinical trials, and helping with the development of new vaccines and cures.”

According to Syneos Health 2023 Health Trends, the 12 trends set to catalyze the year ahead align around Technology Evolution, Human Engagement and Healthcare Advancement.

Technology Evolution

1. AI: Finally Fit for Purpose

AI and machine learning are set to produce an era of rapid new pathways for life sciences, ultimately impacting our understanding of population health, improving global data, refining clinical trial execution, and helping with the development of new vaccines and cures.

2. The Data Effect 

2023 sets the stage for more high-utility change as companies are thinking about how technology and data impact strategy and everyday decisions related to human health and healthcare, creating outsized growth in medical/clinical data, interaction data and program data, tokenization capabilities and value-based outcomes.

3. Data-Driven Local Market Models  

As local market models continue to launch and mature, shifts in upfront data modeling and account planning, total influencer mix, and even recruitment paths for top talent could occur.

4. Digital Transformation: Start, Stall, Restart  

The last few years accelerated digital transformation across life sciences, driven by shifts in both efforts and effects. 2023 will prove if the urgent digital response actively moved transformation forward or if it simply created an interesting learning lab for more purposeful change to come.

Human Engagement

5. Care For the Frontline

Burnout continues to be rampant in medicine. 2023 represents an important reset—a chance to reinspire HCPs and create the flexible the choices needed for life, work and mental health.

6. A New Field for the Field Force

As more rep-to-physician interactions are happening in person, expectations for quality interactions in the office and in the inbox are shifting, creating a reset on how patients are segmented and prioritized, highlighting the importance of local market data models.

7. Improved Sophistication in Retention

After two years of talking about a war for talent, in 2023, organizations will become more refined in how they think about designing and creating value for the individual.

8. Industry-Wide Push for Equitable Representation

Today, there is much broader agreement across industry, regulators, HCPs and advocates that meaningful change is achievable and should be mandatory. When we speak of “the patient’s voice” – we mean all patients.

Healthcare Advancement

9. Bold Trajectory for Medical Affairs Innovation

In an environment of increasing complexity, re-energized feedback loops and new technology capabilities, there is an urgent need to bridge the gaps between data, medical information exchange and strategy.

10. Fast Growth in “AgeTech”

At the core of AgeTech is the pursuit of useful tools and services that help people living longer lives have meaningful choices in housing, safety, transportation and companionship.

11. Prime Time for The Value Debate

2023 will be a catalytic year for discussions about value. From debates in the houses of government to innovations in the aisles of retailers, everyone is asking: what new models can both spur innovation and ensure access?

12. Outsourcing on the M&A Playing Field

There’s little more exciting in life sciences than working with a first molecule company. These innovators are almost always inspired by a personal mission and have the potential of changing lives for both themselves and the patients they aim to serve.

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Editor’s Note: More than 100 Subject Matter Experts across Syneos Health contributed content to 2023 Health Trends.

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