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LTEN Focus on Training is LTEN’s series of magazines. LTEN publishes 4 quarterly print issues (available digitally also), along with several digital-only issues spotlighting industry trends, topics and tools. A long-standing resource for trainers in the life sciences, the publications offer case studies and expert commentary on trends, news and analysis related to life sciences training and development.

The magazine is mailed and distributed directly to more than 2,000 training professionals and leaders in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies across the world. The editorial is guided by an editorial board of industry experts.

For questions on Focus publications, or if you’re interested in authoring articles or sharing LTEN member and organization news, contact Tim Sosbe, editorial director, at

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Current Issues

Virtual Training Technology 2020

In This Issue…

  • Bausch’s Virtual Training Studio
  • Virtual Launches
  • Keys to Virtual Engagement
  • Collaborative Training Tools
  • Making Virtual Shine
  • Adjusting to the New “Normal”
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Fall 2020

In This Issue…

  • The Only ‘One’ in the Room
  • Increasing Accessibility in the New Virtual Workplace
  • Creating a Boomer-Millennial Dream Team
  • Selling without Seeing
  • Drive Greater Organizational Performance
  • Fatigue Management
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Non-Commercial Training 2020

In This Issue…

  • Sanofi Pasteur: Development Planning to Drive Success
  • Microlearning for Macro-Learning
  • Future-Proofing Strategic Planning for Medical Affairs
  • Learning Agility: A Key Differentiator for Leaders
  • Compliance Training: No More Passive Learning!
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Awards 2020

In This Issue…

  • Members of the Year
  • Poster Presentations
  • Hall of Fame
  • Meet the Winners and Finalists
  • The Value of Spotlighting Our Accomplishments
  • Thank You to the Judges
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Global Training 2020

In This Issue…

  • Localizing Learning:
  • Must-Haves for Virtual Learning
  • Virtual Excellence
  • Thriving Global Learning Community
  • Motivating Global Colleagues
  • Reaching a Globally Mobile Workforce
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