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LTEN Focus on Training is LTEN’s series of magazines. LTEN publishes 4 quarterly print issues (available digitally also), along with several digital-only issues spotlighting industry trends, topics and tools. A long-standing resource for trainers in the life sciences, the publications offer case studies and expert commentary on trends, news and analysis related to life sciences training and development.

The magazine is mailed and distributed directly to more than 2,000 training professionals and leaders in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies across the world. The editorial is guided by an editorial board of industry experts.

For questions on Focus publications, or if you’re interested in authoring articles or sharing LTEN member and organization news, contact Tim Sosbe, editorial director, at

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Current Issues

Training Technology Issue 2021

In This Issue…

  • Technology: The Great Enabler of Education
  • Transforming Learning With Training Technology
  • Technology for Measurement and Analytics
  • Technology as a Competitive Advantage
  • 5 Things Your Coaching Platform Should Do for You
  • Technology: Molding Training to Our Requirements
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Fall Issue 2021

In This Issue…

  • It’s Time to Celebrate
  • Best-in-Class Learning at AbbVie Canada
  • Do I Remember How to Do This?
  • The Power of Silence in the Virtual Classroom
  • Embrace the Questioning Mindset
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Non-Commercial Training Issue 2021

In This Issue…

  • Training for the Whole Organization
  • Turning 10 Compliance Rules Into Everyday Behavior
  • Leading Through Chaos and Change
  • 5 Skills for the Future of Medical Affairs
  • Reimagining Non-Commercial Training With Virtual Reality
  • Effective Software Training: Getting It Right for Success
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