LTEN Quality, Research & Development, Medical (QRDM) Training Committee

Thank you to the members of the LTEN Quality, Research & Development, Medical (QRDM) Training Committee. These past and current LTEN members have come together to provide insight and guidance on developing resources for training professionals outside of sales and commercial functions.

Meet the Committee:

  • Bill Beyer, Life Science Training Institute (LSTI)
  • Vivian Bringslimark, HPIS Consulting
  • John Constantine, Orchestrall
  • Kent Malmros, Veeva
  • Jenn Marshall, Janssen
  • Mike McGrath, Celgene
  • Alison Quinn, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Greg Sapnar, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Pam Stalgren, GlaxoSmithKline

LTEN Quality, Research & Development, Medical (QRDM) Training Committee Membership Charter

 I. Purpose

The LTEN QRDM Training Committee is appointed and charged with responsibilities associated with recruitment, retention, member benefits and satisfaction of Noncommercial members. The Committee shall perform needs assessments, plan, develop, guide implementation, and evaluate member programs, to include (but is not limited to) benefits, services and/or programs consistent with the LTEN mission, strategic plan, and/or direction provided the LTEN Board of Directors.

II. Membership

 The Committee will be chaired by an LTEN staff member. In addition, the committee chair will serve in the capacity of communication liaison and advocate to the LTEN Board of Directors.

The Committee shall consist of 6-18 volunteers from the Noncommercial Community and at least one (1) LTEN staff member. The members of the Committee shall be reviewed by the Noncommercial Committee Chair for consideration by the entire committee. We will strive to ensure that committee members are from diverse segments of the LTEN Noncommercial membership community. Each member shall serve a two year term with an option to be reappointed.

III. Committee Priorities

  1.  Develop a robust value proposition for Noncommercial members
  2. Solicit and approve workshops for the LTEN Annual Conference
  3. Solicit candidates to provide content for Noncommercial relevant content for Focus on Training magazine, LTEN Newsletters and LTEN Webinars
  4. Grow the Noncommercial membership to LTEN
  5. Review the data from recent surveys and solicit member input to ensure a vigorous delivery of value items.

IV. Meetings

  1.  Meetings shall be held via conference call at least bi-weekly, but will be determined by the urgency of the issues at hand, on a schedule determined by the chair and members of the Committee.
  2. The Committee shall maintain minutes of the meeting and report regularly to the LTEN Board of Directors.

V. Time Commitment

  1.  The members of the Committee should plan on a minimum of one one-hour conference call bi-weekly.
  2. The members of the Committee should also plan on spending an additional 1-2 hours monthly on follow up tasks associated with the Committee.