Proficient Learning and Echelon Performance Team Up to Introduce Effective Virtual Coaching™

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Wilmington, N.C. — April 8, 2020. Proficient Learning announced a new partnership with Echelon Performance, an industry leading coaching analytics firm based in Asbury Park, NJ.

Proficient and Echelon together created Effective Virtual Coaching™, a leadership development series designed to help first-line sales managers engage and advance their teams using virtual work environments. Their combined expertise led to an insight-based program uniquely positioned to bolster and sustain performance of life sciences sales teams.

“The need to lead and motivate passion in field teams working from home, with limited or no access to health care professionals, has never been so critical. Managers feel limited in being able to provide quality coaching given the current environment. Echelon was a natural choice for us to enhance our commitment to addressing those needs. Their experience in cultivating rich insights from field coaching reports and identifying opportunities for improvement reveals research-based learning targets that we have transformed into virtual learning experiences,” says Pam Marinko, CEO at Proficient Learning.

“I’ve admired Echelon and the work they do for more than a decade. I am confident this partnership will not just help our customers embrace virtual coaching and stay connected to their teams, but will also enable Proficient to tap into the critical insights and outcomes data that inform the full range of training programs,” she adds.

“Salespeople and sales managers, by nature, are action-oriented. Keeping them engaged and focused in a noisy marketplace is a completely new challenge for any commercial organization,” says Ed McCarthy, CEO at Echelon. “With this partnership, we aim to bring best-in-class programs to help organizations get their sales teams to navigate through dynamic situations, technologies and keep customer engagement skills sharp,” he adds.

Effective Virtual Coaching®, organizes key content in three 60-minute sessions, each led by a certified facilitator, optimally for 12-15 first-line leaders.

Session 1: Effective Virtual Coaching

Session 2: Navigating Access Issues

Session 3: Effective Sales Coaching

This first leadership series from partners Proficient and Echelon can launch immediately and can easily accommodate customization to a variety of digital platforms.

About Echelon
Echelon provides actionable, cutting-edge insight into key drivers of sales performance for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients by taking an analytical approach to Effective Coaching – high-quality coaching, focused on core skills and behaviors, delivered in a consistent fashion.

In the past 14 years, we have analyzed more than 11,500 field coaching reports (FCRs) and discovered that Effective Coaching is the key to driving measurable and sustainable sales results.

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About Proficient Learning
Proficient Learning develops and delivers advanced skills training for life sciences sales professionals and managers, both live and virtually. Whether designing product sales kickoff workshops, experiential hands-on events, or engaging curriculum-based training, Proficient Learning enables commercial life sciences companies to accelerate product adoption, increase product utilization, and improve sales performance. Proficient Learning combines knowledge of learning and instruction, skill in media design and experience in the life sciences industry to craft content that moves your teams forward.

Proficient Learning provides field-tested, research-based, and highly effective virtual training strategies that give you the speed and flexibility to both define and execute your training and coaching development strategy. From the customizable Ready-2-Train™ programs to the mobile interactive performance coaching platform, mCoach®, Proficient Learning innovates instruction for a positive impact on your sales organization.

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