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Unboxed Training & Technology has emerged victorious in the Learning Content category at this year’s LTEN Excellence awards. Their exceptional approach to crafting engaging and effective learning materials has earned them the well-deserved spotlight.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there – read on to discover more about the remarkable finalists who have redefined excellence in the world of learning content.

The LTEN Excellence Awards is an annual awards competition that spotlights and recognizes innovative L&D initiatives, teams, leaders, and partnerships. Learn more about the awards competition here.

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Unboxed Training & Technology

Smith+Nephew & Unboxed Partner to Create the “Negotiation Academy” — A Blended Learning Experience

Unboxed Training & Technology has been selected as this year’s winner of the LTEN Excellence Award in the Learning Content category. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of training and development, specifically in the life sciences sector. Unboxed’s initiative, the Negotiation Academy, developed in partnership with Smith+Nephew, stood out as a prime example of innovation and effectiveness in empowering global sales leaders with essential negotiation skills.

Meeting the Needs of a Global Audience

Smith+Nephew (S+N), a leading multinational medical device company, recognized the evolving demands of the commercial selling environment.

As a multi-national company with a global reach spanning APAC, EMEA, LATAM, and NA, S+N’s challenge was to equip its approximately 7,000 sellers across specialized roles worldwide with a unified foundation of negotiation skills.

The goal was to ensure that negotiation skills were no longer limited to high-value tenders and the C-Suite but were essential for success across the entire commercial landscape.

The Birth of the Negotiation Academy

In response to this challenge, Unboxed and S+N joined forces to create the Negotiation Academy, a comprehensive blended learning experience. This initiative aimed to provide sales professionals with a profound understanding of negotiation principles and skills.

The Negotiation Academy offers a diverse range of learning methods, including self-paced training, classroom instruction (ILT/vILT), simulations, and close collaboration with managers and teammates.

This holistic approach aligns with the Challenger Selling model, enabling global sales leaders to enhance the customer’s buying process and emphasize the value of working with S+N.

A Solution Driven by Identified Needs

The foundation of the Negotiation Academy was laid upon a thorough understanding of S+N’s business needs.

A survey conducted in 2021 highlighted that negotiation skills were paramount for S+N’s commercial success. Sales professionals needed to master negotiation techniques to navigate a changing commercial landscape shaped by the global pandemic and other challenges.

Smith+Nephew partnered with Unboxed to craft a program that was both impactful and culturally adaptable.

The design of the program took into account the diverse cultural approaches to negotiations across different regions. This approach ensured that while the core negotiation concepts were consistent globally, the content allowed for cultural and role-specific adaptations to cater to the unique needs of each market.

Achieving Excellence through Collaboration

The success of the Negotiation Academy is rooted in the collaboration between Unboxed and S+N. The initiative leveraged a continuous learning framework, combining various learning methodologies to create a comprehensive learning experience. From diagnostic interviews and surveys to eLearning modules and scenario-based simulations, every element was carefully designed to maximize engagement and knowledge retention.

Instructors went through the Academy content as learners and then as facilitators. This approach ensured that the trainers not only understood the material thoroughly but could also effectively teach it to others. This method of certification has not only saved costs but has also fostered cross-cultural learning and improved knowledge sharing among trainers, mirroring the same virtual learning environment that sales professionals experience.

Measuring Impact and Driving Performance

The success of the Negotiation Academy is already evident in the significant cost savings realized through virtual train-the-trainer sessions. Moreover, the impact is being continually evaluated as the program expands globally.

By tracking negotiation deal captures resulting from regional Academy implementations, S+N can measure the tangible financial impact of the program and demonstrate its contribution to business success.

The changes in learner behavior are evident through the positive response from both sales professionals and leadership. The flexibility of self-paced eLearning, combined with simulations and real-world application, has resonated with learners.

The tailored participant action planner has not only guided their learning journey but also provided a way to measure their progress and the impact of the acquired skills on actual deals.

The LTEN Excellence Award in Learning Content recognizes Unboxed Training & Technology’s dedication to creating impactful learning solutions that drive tangible business outcomes. This award is reflective of the power of collaboration, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in training and development.

Meet the Finalists

Ashfield Excellence Academy

Spotlight on the Finalist: Ashfield and the Andexxa Learning Curriculum

Ashfield Excellence Academy has been named a finalist for this year’s prestigious LTEN Excellence Award in the Learning Content category. This recognition underscores Ashfield’s commitment to delivering impactful and engaging training solutions that cater to the unique needs of the life sciences sector. Read on to learn more about the initiative that earned them a spot as a finalist.

Transforming Learning for AstraZeneca’s ANDEXXA® Sales Representatives

The ANDEXXA® curriculum, developed in collaboration with AstraZeneca’s ComEx team, exemplifies Ashfield’s dedication to innovation and excellence in training.

ANDEXXA®, a critical medical product, required a specialized training program to equip AstraZeneca’s sales representatives with the knowledge and skills needed for effective interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Email: info@ashfieldexcellenceacademy.com

Elevating the Learning Experience: A Comprehensive Approach

AstraZeneca recognized the importance of providing a comprehensive and interactive learning journey for their sales representatives. They partnered with Ashfield Excellence Academy to revamp the ANDEXXA® training curriculum. The result was an engaging curriculum built on the backbone of 12 eLearning modules that utilized existing content while enhancing its structure, flow, and interactivity.

The learning journey was further enriched by incorporating a diverse array of assets, including 3D animations, expert presentations, virtual classroom sessions, gamified activities, and interactive virtual hospital experiences. This innovative approach ensured that learners were engaged on multiple levels, catering to various learning styles and preferences.

Addressing a Crucial Business Need

The need for a specialized curriculum arose as AstraZeneca acquired the ANDEXXA® product.

While existing training content existed, it was a blend of materials from previous owners. AstraZeneca sought to elevate the training by infusing creativity, interactivity, and consistency. This led them to partner with Ashfield Excellence Academy to develop a comprehensive and interactive learning journey that would engage learners across the globe.

Curating a Seamless Learning Experience

The curriculum was meticulously designed to cover all necessary knowledge for effective conversations with HCPs. It consisted of a five-stage design, supported by 12 eLearning modules, each tailored to optimize knowledge retention and engagement.

These eLearning modules were enhanced with a variety of additional assets, including videos from key opinion leaders, 3D animations illustrating complex concepts, patient experience materials, interactive ANDEXXA® PI/SmPC, virtual learning environment (VLE) slide decks, consolidation activities, and an interactive virtual hospital.

The combination of these diverse assets created a comprehensive and immersive learning journey that catered to various learning styles and preferences while maintaining consistency in style and presentation.

Measuring Success: The Path Forward

While the rollout of the ANDEXXA® curriculum is still underway, early indicators of success have been promising.

Learners have provided exclusively positive feedback, emphasizing the engagement, organization, and user-friendliness of the learning journey. Comments like “Great flow to the learning,” “Appreciate the variety in learning styles,” and “Knowledge checks were really helpful” reflect the positive impact of Ashfield’s innovative approach.

Ashfield’s commitment to delivering quality training has not only resonated with learners but also aligns with AstraZeneca’s goal of providing their sales representatives with the tools they need to excel in their roles.

As a finalist for the LTEN Excellence Award in Learning Content, Ashfield Excellence Academy is recognized for its commitment to delivering engaging and impactful learning experiences.

Contact Ashfield Excellence Academy:
Ashfield Excellence Academy Email


OmniStart: Gamified Simulation Training on Medical Omnichannel Engagement

Attensi has been selected as a finalist for this year’s esteemed LTEN Excellence Award in the Learning Content category. Attensi and Novartis collaborated to design OmniStart – an immersive game-based solution to train the Medical Affairs team worldwide to achieve the successful implementation of medical omnichannel engagement.

OmniStart is an immersive training solution that employs gamified simulations to upskill medical associates, allowing them to deliver superior customer experiences through effective medical omnichannel engagement. This innovative approach results in a training journey that replicates real-life scenarios, enhancing performance while keeping learners engaged and motivated.

Addressing Challenges, Unleashing Potential

Novartis’s drive to reimagine medicine and transform medical team interactions with healthcare professionals led to the development of the Medical Next Generation Engagement program. Attensi’s OmniStart training integrated seamlessly with this framework.

OmniStart was designed to address key challenges identified by Novartis including a lack of understanding of omnichannel concepts and what it would take to deliver a personalized omnichannel integrated touch point journey with healthcare professionals. These gaps highlighted the critical need for a comprehensive training solution.

To fill this gap, Novartis sought a training solution that was not only engaging but also capable of driving measurable behavior change at scale. This is where Attensi’s innovative gamified simulation-based training came into play.

Crafting a Transformative Learning Experience

Attensi’s approach involved the creation of game-based simulations that immerse learners in realistic scenarios. The narrative-driven storylines, characters, and challenges mirror the actual work environment of medical associates. This approach instils a deeper understanding and facilitates the application of skills in real-world situations.

Measuring Impact and Ensuring Mastery

The success of the training is not just a matter of completion but the mastery achieved through repeated practice. A key consideration of the design was to make engaging game play that encourages repetition and practice – a proven method to improve performance and achieve mastery. Managers receive regular reports detailing user progress, time spent, repetitions, and learning outcomes. This data-driven approach provides insights into learning patterns and engagement levels. Qualitative feedback from learners further corroborates the efficacy of the training, highlighting its dynamic and engaging nature.

Concrete Evidence of Change

The impact of OmniStart is evident in the substantial increase in knowledge scores, from a baseline of 30% to a remarkable 94%. Novartis leaders are confident that the continued use of OmniStart will transform the way medical associates engage with customers, ultimately benefiting the patients they serve.

“Our results show that when conventional education and awareness methods fell short in achieving a deep understanding of Omnichannel engagement to our medical teams, the introduction of simulation-based learning proved highly effective in delivering this understanding at scale. That was a critical first step in managing organizational Omnichannel engagement change.” Walid Hamza, Director Customer Experience & Field Engagement at Novartis.

As a finalist for the LTEN Excellence Award, Attensi’s OmniStart stands as a shining example of how innovation in training can drive tangible results. This initiative not only addresses critical challenges within the industry but also empowers learners to excel and create meaningful impact.

Contact Walid Hamza at Novartis:
Walid Hamza LinkedIn

Contact Rich James at Attensi:
Rich James | LinkedIn

Encompass Communication & Learning

Spotlight on the Teva Marketing Excellence Program

Encompass Communications & Learning was named a finalist for this year’s LTEN Excellence Awards in the Learning Content category. This honor was given in recognition of Encompass’s exceptional partnership with Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Commercial Training & Development (CT&D) team throughout the creation of a revolutionary Marketing Excellence program.

Today, as a result of this collaboration, Teva’s brand management capabilities have been significantly enhanced and its Marketing Excellence program has sparked interest in being adopted internationally.

Elevating Marketing Excellence with Encompass

Teva CT&D partnered with Encompass to address challenges posed by the turnover that, at the time, were pervasive industry-wide. A better way was required to quickly and effectively train the influx of marketing new hires for their roles. The program also needed to level set on key marketing fundamentals across all brands to better unify the organization.

With a keen focus on delivering impactful learning, Encompass helped Teva CT&D reimagine marketing training. The result was a comprehensive 16-part learning journey, supported by more than 60 newly developed resources. Within the first year of its launch, this Marketing Excellence program became a cornerstone of Teva’s brand management practices.

Collaboration Is Key

Encompass’s role was pivotal throughout the design and development of this groundbreaking program. The Encompass team collaborated extensively with Teva CT&D, creating a communications plan to garner support and assisting in the work of a multidisciplinary steering committee that uncovered key needs throughout the organization.

Together, Encompass and Teva CT&D crafted a Marketing Excellence learning journey that hinged on Encompass’s proprietary iEAR® approach to learning. This ensured that during each of the 16 stages of the learning journey, concepts would be introduced, explored, applied, and reinforced to promote long-term retention.

A Unified Vision

The Marketing Excellence program’s success lay in its unification of marketing principles. It brought marketers from diverse backgrounds onto a single path, fostering consistency and shared expertise. Crucially, Encompass and Teva CT&D made sure that the program offered a self-led option. This enables the program to cater to individual pacing and helped facilitate widespread adoption organization-wide.

It’s important to note that Encompass’s dedication didn’t stop at program creation. Their ongoing partnership helped Teva CT&D improve the Marketing Excellence program after launch. Encompass created detailed participant surveys that became crucial tools in honing the program. Conducted after each stage of the learning journey, these surveys gauged participants’ experience and provided the CT&D team with the feedback needed for continuous refinement.

Global Impact, Shared Success

The ripple effects of Encompass’s collaboration with Teva are being felt internationally. Shortly after launch, the holistic approach of the program drew the attention of Teva Israel and Teva Russia, propelling the program to a global level.

This interest in adopting the Marketing Excellence program internationally speaks volumes about its effectiveness. The program has not only met its initial objectives, it has also brought Teva’s global organization closer together—living the value of “One Teva.”

Congratulations to Encompass Communications & Learning for their outstanding contribution to elevating learning content. The Marketing Excellence program’s journey from local triumph to global recognition showcases the power of collaboration, innovation, and impactful training resources.


Innovative Brand Marketing Development Program Drives Learning Across Daiichi Sankyo

EVERSANA Learning & Performance has been named a finalist for this year’s LTEN Excellence Awards in the Learning Content category. This recognition is given to EVERSANA for their collaborative work with Daiichi Sankyo.

The Journey with Daiichi Sankyo

The journey that brought EVERSANA to the finalist spot began with Daiichi Sankyo’s visionary approach to nurturing talent and shaping the future of brand marketing.

Daiichi Sankyo recognized the need for a robust training program that could equip its team with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the industry. This realization gave birth to the Brand Marketing Development Program (BMDP).

The BMDP, a brainchild of EVERSANA and Daiichi Sankyo, aimed to cultivate a team of future marketers who could not only contribute effectively to the company’s current goals but also steer its brand strategy toward patient-centered success.

A Curriculum Tailored for Excellence

The curriculum developed by EVERSANA is a true testament to innovation and inclusivity.

Spread over 18 months, the program covers a wide range of topics vital for marketers in the life sciences sector. The program includes in-person summits, micro-learning opportunities, and diverse learning modalities such as Instructor Led Training (ILT), Virtual Classroom Training (VCT), and more.

This multifaceted approach ensures that learners have ample opportunities to grasp the intricacies of marketing in the life sciences domain.

Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Growth

The journey to excellence is seldom without its challenges.

EVERSANA recognized the importance of not just marketing skills but also competencies that transcend specific roles. Workshops on presentation skills, negotiation skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership have been seamlessly integrated to create a holistic learning experience.

Fostering Learning, Ensuring Success

The impact of the BMDP is already evident, with participants showing enhanced collaboration, cross-functional knowledge sharing, and a deeper understanding of product strategy and messaging. The program’s success lies not only in its content but in the mentorship and guidance that participants receive along the way.

Future-Ready and Patient-Focused

In collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo, EVERSANA has pioneered a transformative learning experience through the Brand Marketing Development Program. This partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to empowering marketers not only for the challenges of today but for the opportunities of tomorrow.

As EVERSANA and Daiichi Sankyo continue to shape the landscape of brand marketing in the life sciences sector, their dedication to nurturing talent and fostering innovation remains unwavering. The Brand Marketing Development Program stands as a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path toward a future where skilled professionals drive meaningful change and positive patient impact.


Upskilling Field Reps & Oncology Launch Excellence

Illuminate has been recognized as a finalist for this year’s LTEN Excellence Awards in the Learning Content category.  This achievement underscores Illuminate’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional learning solutions.

Empowering a Pharmaceutical Company with Innovative Learning

Illuminate’s transformative journey begins with its collaboration with a pharmaceutical company, who is a trailblazer in groundbreaking drug development.  Facing the imminent launch of their revolutionary drug, the company recognized the importance of preparing their field representatives to confidently navigate the intricacies of this innovative treatment.

In response, Illuminate crafted a learning curriculum that would empower the newly hired field force with a comprehensive understanding of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), diagnosis, treatment considerations, and the competitive landscape.  Their innovative approach incorporated technology-driven solutions, ensuring engagement, knowledge retention, and user-friendly experiences.

Pioneering Learning Solutions for Impactful Training

The pharmaceutical company’s need for a winning training program was met head-on by Illuminate’s approach.

Illuminate devised a multimodal curriculum that combined eLearning, virtual discussions, and live workshops.  This unique blend not only facilitated engagement but also ensured that the field representatives could absorb complex information at their own pace.

Illuminate’s implementation of user-friendly learning management systems (LMS) and learning record stores (LRS) further enriched the learning experience.

The result was a seamless journey of knowledge acquisition that prepared the pharmaceutical company’s field force for success in the competitive landscape.

Adapting and Overcoming Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of life sciences, challenges are inevitable.

Illuminate navigated through these obstacles with agility and innovation.  When unexpected market dynamics presented a direct competitor, Illuminate collaborated closely with the pharmaceutical company to reshape the curriculum, adapting it to the new realities while ensuring the field force remained prepared and empowered.

Measuring Success and Impact

The impact of Illuminate’s efforts is tangible and measurable.

Pre- and post-assessments showcased remarkable improvements in representative knowledge, with some learners showcasing a 50% increase in scores.  This demonstrated the effectiveness of the training and the successful transfer of knowledge.

But the impact goes beyond scores.

Illuminate cultivated a culture of learning within the pharmaceutical company’s field force, fostering trust, collaboration, and motivation.  Managers gained insights into individual strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted coaching and development opportunities.  This not only enhanced individual performance but contributed to the organization’s overarching goals.

Illuminating the Future of Learning

Illuminate’s journey serves as a beacon of innovation and excellence, illuminating the path for organizations seeking transformative learning solutions.  Their commitment to preparing field representatives for success and their agile approach to challenges helped set Illuminate apart.

Red Nucleus

Collaboration with AstraZeneca and Amgen: Elevating Learning in Life Sciences

Red Nucleus, in partnership with AstraZeneca and Amgen, has brought forth a transformative initiative that has earned them a spot as a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards. Read on to learn more about the remarkable journey of the Tezepelumab Sales Learning Program and explore the innovative strides that have set this collaboration apart.

Tezepelumab Sales Learning Program: A Game-Changing Initiative

With over 400 participants from AstraZeneca and Amgen, the Tezepelumab Sales Learning Program has made a significant impact.

The initiative targeted sales representatives, district and business managers, and other cross-functional team members, creating a comprehensive learning experience for all involved.

Tezepelumab, a groundbreaking biologic with a novel mechanism of action, was the focus of the program’s development. Understanding the complexity of asthma and the innovative nature of the drug, the program aimed to create an equally innovative curriculum.

Addressing Complex Challenges with Innovative Solutions

The program’s design was driven by the need to address multifaceted challenges.

Misconceptions around severe asthma were rampant, and the objective was to dispel these misconceptions while fostering empathy for patients bearing the burden of the disease.

Moreover, the complexity of asthma required a carefully planned training approach to cover the multitude of inflammatory cells and mediators involved.

The challenge was heightened by the unique nature of Tezepelumab, a first-in-class biologic. With its novel mechanism of action targeting a previously unaddressed protein, the training had to encompass intricate details about the protein, its function, and its interaction with the drug.

Red Nucleus, AstraZeneca, and Amgen united to tackle these challenges head-on.

Innovative Design Strategies for Optimal Learning

The success of the Tezepelumab Sales Learning Program can be attributed to its innovative design strategies.

The collaboration started with a shared vision of desired learner behaviors and outcomes. Short, targeted learning assets were created to ensure engagement without overwhelming learners. These assets were bundled in cohesive sets, each presenting content from different angles.

Patient-centered content was a pivotal component of the initiative. Insights from real patients with severe asthma were incorporated, giving learners a raw and empathetic perspective. Videos, eLearning modules, animations, infographics, and virtual check-ins created a multimodal and engaging learning journey.

Overcoming Challenges with Collaboration and Efficiency

The journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Tezepelumab was a co-promote between AstraZeneca and Amgen, demanding alignment between separate teams, processes, and models.

The partnership’s ability to transcend these challenges and build a transformative learning experience is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of all parties involved.

Accelerated timelines added another layer of complexity, requiring quick turnarounds and efficient processes. The collaborative teams embraced innovation to track assets, align feedback, and ensure the program’s continuous momentum.

Transforming Learning: Impact and Outcomes

The impact of the Tezepelumab Sales Learning Program is tangible and inspiring. Sales teams were proficient in home study content and brand messaging within a single day after launch. This unprecedented achievement empowered representatives to engage with customers immediately, thanks to the program’s innovative and world-class training.

The initiative has not only enhanced knowledge retention but also deepened empathy for patients and their struggles with severe asthma. Sales representatives reported heightened motivation, a sense of purpose, and the tools they needed to excel in their roles.

The data speaks for itself. With over 15,000 patients on TEZSPIRE® and sales exceeding the plan by 128%, the impact on individual, organizational, and patient outcomes is undeniable.

The Tezepelumab Sales Learning Program’s success is a result of a successful collaborative effort, shared vision, meticulous planning, patient-centered approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

As we celebrate this remarkable journey, we look forward to witnessing the continued impact of this transformative learning initiative on individuals, organizations, and, most importantly, patients’ lives.

*Disclaimer: This blog post is a creative piece written in response to the provided prompt. The names, companies, and details mentioned are fictional and are used for illustrative purposes only.*

Syneos Health

Empowering Learning and Transforming Performance in Life Sciences

Syneos Health has earned its well-deserved spot as a finalist in the 2023 LTEN Excellence Awards. Collaborating closely with their client’s training team, Syneos Health was entrusted with expanding and reinforcing the Sales Model.

Addressing the Evolving Landscape with Innovative Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic had catalyzed changes in working and learning practices. Syneos Health understood the need for a fresh, assertive, and competitive approach to learning and selling. The imperative was to bring the customer to the heart of the selling journey, embracing an omnichannel perspective.

Syneos Health took on the challenge to create an engaging, interactive, and highly relevant learning experience for its client. The initiative was not a mere overhaul of content but a comprehensive transformation aimed at skill enhancement and behavioral change.

Designing for Impact: A Collaborative Approach

The design decision was driven by a holistic analysis of the needs and challenges.

Syneos Health conducted a thorough curriculum inventory and stakeholder interviews to uncover insights.

The pivotal idea was to create a seamless blend of traditional modules and byte-sized microlearning. This innovative approach enabled the creation of user-generated content, including podcasts and videos, as pre- and post-training reinforcement.

The collaboration extended to field-based volunteers, who took on the role of content creators. This novel concept not only added authenticity but also showcased the commitment and passion of the field force toward their own development.

Navigating Challenges with Ingenuity

Syneos Health embraced challenges with creativity and resourcefulness. The tight budget demanded inventive solutions. Leveraging the field force’s own devices, Syneos enabled them to create content in their own space, resulting in authentic and relatable videos and podcasts.

The approach not only eliminated the need for expensive studio production but also encouraged active participation from volunteers.

Measuring Impact and Shaping Performance

The impact of Syneos Health’s initiative is profound and tangible.

By embedding newly acquired skills and knowledge, the field force transformed their interactions with healthcare providers. The training program empowered them to engage more effectively, adapting to the dynamic landscape and delivering value-based solutions.

Furthermore, the initiative yielded significant cost savings and standardization benefits. The centralization of content creation allowed for consistency across brands and streamlined resource allocation. The standardization not only ensured uniformity but also strengthened the organization’s ability to address challenges cohesively.

Driving Change, Enabling Excellence

Syneos Health’s commitment to enhancing learning content has not only elevated individual performance but has also contributed to the organization’s overarching goals. The field force’s increased engagement rates with healthcare providers and their agile response to customer needs have shaped a more meaningful, impactful customer journey.

Through their inventive approaches and forward-thinking strategies, Syneos Health has not only addressed industry challenges but has also emerged as a leader in empowering meaningful learning experiences that drive positive outcomes.

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