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Turning the Page on 2021

By January 12, 2022January 14th, 2022Focus On Training

Turning the Page on 2021

Directions – Dawn Brehm

We found our way with grit and determination.

Dawn Brehm riding Paradox Powercat, one of the friends she’ll be spending more time with after her retirement.

Now, 2021 is one for the history books, and what a year it was for LTEN and our members. As a collective group of learning professionals, we navigated a challenging environment and came out the other end stronger. Unlike Indiana Jones, we didn’t have a map of clues:  We found our way with grit and determination. We navigated through new ways to educate our constituents, learned new tools and found ways to inject a personal touch into what can feel like cold and impersonal mediums.

For me, the highlight of 2021 was coming together live in November, two years after the last in-person LTEN event. Although travel restrictions prohibited some from being with us in person for the 50th LTEN Annual Conference, everyone had the opportunity to feel the energy the LTEN community creates through virtual options.

For those of us fortunate enough to attend live, being with our peers was truly invigorating. Sharing our collective learnings and experiences traversing the new education landscape was a true gift of knowledge.

Importantly, we acknowledged the challenges we face as learning professionals by increasing content on wellness and self-care, and other essentials for everyone to bring their best selves to the classrooms.

Send a Note to Dawn!

As Dawn Brehm just shared, she’s decided to retire after more than 10 years as an LTEN board member and executive director. But she doesn’t know about what you’re reading right now.

To help everyone say goodbye to a good friend, the LTEN team has put together a sign-in page. Please visit to share a special goodbye, good luck and thank you message with Dawn.

Please take a moment to share. The best wishes of the people Dawn has worked so long and so hard to support will mean the world to her.

You can still take advantage of the amazing content and supplier information by visiting And you can start making plans to join us in San Antonio this coming June!

While we’re discussing self-care, please allow me to share a decision I’ve made. I personally turned a major corner in making the life decision to retire from LTEN, after 12 years. I started my relationship with LTEN as a volunteer in 2008 and was invited to join the board before eventually taking the executive director role. After so many rewarding and inspiring personal connections and so much time invested in supporting and building this network, it’s been a difficult choice to make.

Please know I am not walking away from this amazing network and the members, who I truly love. I’m just stepping away from the day-to-day work leading the amazing team that makes LTEN come to life. I expect to continue my LTEN friendships for many years.

Being the executive director of LTEN really has been a dream role. Working with our board of engaged leaders, our always energizing members and our dedicated staff is a wonderful way to spend one’s day.

However, the time has come for me to allow new ideas and leadership to steer the organization and for me personally to pursue more time with family and recreational activities. Moving forward, I will stay a lifelong member of LTEN, contribute to the success of the organization and be available as a trusted colleague to anyone who reaches out.

I am excited for LTEN to turn the page and move on to 2022. Your board will find  a great new executive director and the change will produce new energy.

But not everything changes. What will always be consistent is the positive energy you members put into the very fabric of LTEN by sharing information, volunteering, networking and supporting one another in your learning endeavors. Please continue that generous approach to your network, career and industry.

Enough of this: You have work to do, and I have a special friend saddled and waiting in my barn. We might ride in separate directions right now, but I’m comforted to know our paths are intertwined.

As one of my cowboy heroes often said, happy trails to you, until we meet again.

Dawn Brehm is executive director of LTEN. Email Dawn at


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