Social Media Engagement Community

2023 Community Members

  • Greg Adamson, Olympus America
  • Brad Ansley, Richardson Sales Performance
  • Hector Baeza, Gilead Sciences
  • Michael Ballas, Red Nucleus
  • Matt Barry, Astellas Pharma
  • Rich Baron, LTEN Board
  • Jill Benko, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
  • Ashely Bentley, GE Healthcare
  • Todd Billingsley, Biohaven
  • Iain Boomer, AbbVie
  • David Brin, GE Healthcare
  • Jennifer Bryan, Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Mani Chidambaram, Sanofi General Medicines
  • Laura Chiocchi, Sun Pharmaceutical
  • Vicki Colman, Eisai
  • Amity Cutaia, Astellas Pharma
  • Susan Davis, Thermofisher
  • Joe Delosa, Pfizer
  • Carolyn Dougherty, Rave Learn
  • Mike Esterday, Integrity Solutions
  • Monica Gillison, SK Life Science
  • Jeff Hartzler, UCB Pharma
  • Thomas Hood, Foundation Medicine
  • Sue Iannone, Bull City Blue
  • Russ Jones, Medtronic
  • Brian Kane, Illuminate
  • Ian Kelly, Red Nucleus
  • Jessica Knox, Metrix
  • Matthew Krasnowiecki, Kowa Pharmaceuticals
  • Jennifer Lalli, Encompass Communications and Learning
  • Marcy Lantzy, Salience Learning
  • Laura Last, BeiGene
  • Melissa Lowe, Philips Healthcare
  • Sharon Lustig, CMR Institute
  • Pam Marinko, Proficient Learning
  • Shaun McMahon, Illuminate
  • Simon Mormen, Atomus
  • Celeste Mosby, Syneos Health
  • Connie Murray, B. Braun Medical
  • Jon Murray, Novo Nordisk
  • Jennifer Muszik, Biogen
  • Julie Napolitano, Sanofi
  • Michelle O’Connor, CMR Institute
  • Jim Page, Novartis
  • Chris Platanos, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  • Ted Power
  • Alison Quinn, Kite Pharma
  • Michael Ratican, Amgen
  • Anthony Sledge, AmerisourceBergen
  • Chris Straw, Chisei
  • Michael Sullivan, Intra-Cellular Therapies
  • Jeff Taylor, Harmony Biosciences
  • Julia Taylor, Horizon
  • Donna Thomas, Informa
  • Amy Tremblay, Springworks Therapeutics
  • Jennifer Tursic, AstraZeneca
  • Richard Sampson, Cepheid
  • John Sjovall, SK Life Science
  • Carol Wells, Genentech

Staff Liaison:  Nannette Nolan

If you are interested in learning more about this committee or how you can get involved, email Nannette at

Community Objective

This group of LTEN members help to amplify our reach by sharing weekly posts to their professional social media networks.

Duties & Responsibilities

Each week, we send an email digest with recent sharable social media posts. Our community is encouraged to click on posts and re-post, share or forward these to their professional contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Time Commitment

Total time commitment of the LTEN Social Media Engagement Community is approximately 10-20 minutes weekly.