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Onboarding Assistance

NEW TRAINERS – By Carol Wells

The strength of our team is the strength of our company.

Onboarding new training teammates is one of the most important tasks we have as learning leaders. It may not have the excitement of a national sales meeting or the immediacy of a product launch, but it may be the most important investment we make in the capabilities of our trainers and, ultimately, the business.

The reason is obvious — the strength of our team is the strength of our company. Training is a mission-critical component for organizations, keeping field-based professionals and all employees contributing and performing at the highest level. Every day matters so helping your new and existing trainers meet the demands of a rapidly changing healthcare world as quickly as possible has a direct impact on results.

That’s where the reality of our training world raises a hurdle: the sourcing of our staffers. Some people come to training as prepared trainers, education professionals with firm foundations. Yet many of our teammates arrive in our training departments with no training delivery or design experience.

Often, they’re field professionals who know the art of selling more than the art of learning and development. Those teammates are so valuable in that they have a real-world connection inherent, but they will need some guidance as they start down a new path.

As you look at your training department needs for 2021 (and beyond), that’s a good place to start. Look at the strengths and capabilities of your team and identify capability gaps — both needed capabilities for today and those that will be required in the near future. And that’s where LTEN can come in, to help with your trainer onboarding journey.

Early in 2020, the LTEN Board of Directors began looking at key priority areas, as part of ongoing efforts to ensure LTEN meets the evolving needs of members. One of those key areas was onboarding, specifically helping members with the resources they need to build and develop their organizations.

We began by listening to training department leaders by surveying and interviewing members, who were more than happy to share their needs. We clearly heard the following capability musts: technical competencies, measurement and evaluation, virtual orientation and delivery, coaching and leading without authority.

One member hit the nail squarely on the head: “If LTEN had an existing curriculum designed for the fast start of a new hire that would be so valuable … we need specific content sequenced appropriately.”

That’s exactly what we have now!

With the feedback and direction from members in mind, LTEN produced the 2021 Onboarding Roadmap you’ll see on page 47. The year-long guide starts with the Mile 1 stop (the LTEN eLearning Lounge microlearning) and builds through various other resources. Stops along the way include LTEN webinars and publications, self-guided learning options, the PrimeTime trainer workshop and the Science & Practice of Modern Learning & Assessment workshop.

Like the other resources LTEN produces for its members, the onboarding roadmap is designed to support your work. The resources outlined on the map can be the foundation of your onboarding programs and help you develop your talent quickly and to reinforce over time.

New positions, like a new year, always bring excitement and energy. Be sure to start your people on the right path, so that attitude and drive grows with their skills.


LTEN Resources

The L-TEN.org website or LTEN On-the-Go app are good places to start your search for onboarding assistance. LTEN has compiled many resources into a onestop shop to get you started. Visit www.L-TEN.org/onboard to see articles, webinars, workshops and modules to help get your team up to speed and performing.

Carol Wells is executive director, commercial, medical affairs, government affairs, training and development, for Genentech, as well as a member of the LTEN Board of Directors. Email Carol at cwells@gene.com with additional feedback and questions!

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