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A New Way to Connect

By July 31, 2020January 12th, 2021Focus On Training



With the agility of lifelong learners, we rebounded into a new normal.

If there’s one thing life sciences sales training professionals know, it’s resilience. We’re in an industry that can change entirely at the drop of a new regulation. One where mergers and acquisitions are commonplace. One where “status quo” is usually a place
where other people exist, without the topsy-turvy turmoil of an industry in constant flux. Basically, flexibility is what we do.

That readiness is exactly why the change and uncertainty around the pandemic might have knocked LTEN members back a bit, but certainly didn’t knock us down.  The term “learning agility” is a common phrase in learning & development for a reason: With the agility of lifelong learners, we rebounded into a new normal and kept the training wheels turning.

The same is true internally at LTEN. When global events dictated that we had to cancel the 49th LTEN Annual Conference, the tough, in a nutshell, got going. The LTEN leaders and staff connected with partners and potential suppliers, and we’ve put together a brand-new way to keep the education going.

Welcome, my friends, to LTEN Connect – A Virtual Learning Forum, the first LTEN virtual event to bring us all together. It’s not replacing the live conference – we’ll be back for LTEN’s Big 5-0 celebration in Denver next year – it’s just augmenting our events calendar in a new and exciting way.

This issue will tell you more about the inaugural LTEN Connect event and what you can expect from June 9-11. You will admittedly find many of these elements similar to the live conference, as we borrowed from that work to quickly build LTEN Connect.

For instance, we’ll have top-notch keynote presenters, a panel discussion with life sciences learning leaders, the Learning Village exhibit hall, breakout workshops, LTEN Talks, the microlearning sessions in the Learning Labs and, of course, chances for you to connect with one another. Using the PheedLoop virtual event software, we’ll also hand out the 6th annual LTEN Excellence Awards, conduct a virtual poster session spotlighting awards finalists and connect you with conference handouts and resources. All from the safety of your workspace. Bookmark to keep up with the agenda and activities.

As you flip through this pre-event issue of LTEN Focus on Training magazine, we’ll share information on what’s happening at LTEN Connect, and also share some information to help make your virtual event experience more productive. To that end, check out the frequently asked questions article on page 12 to start your learning curve.

But before we get started, some thanks are in order:

  • To the LTEN Board of Directors and Advisory Council, thanks for your help and direction on how to best support our members in this time of great need.
  • To the speakers, workshop reviewers, award judges and other supporters of the annual conference, thank you for all your work on that event and thank you also to those who were able to transition to LTEN Connect.
  • To the sponsors who are making LTEN Connect happen, thank you for your support – the industry is better because of your work. Everyone, please check out the ad on page 23 listing and acknowledging our 2020 Preferred Industry Partners who make events like this possible, and be sure to stop and say “Hi” to them during LTEN Connect.
  • To the LTEN staff: At a time when many industries slowed down, your LTEN team doubled its efforts to produce this event, articles, webinars and resources to support members. They’ve heard my thanks; they deserve yours too.
  • And finally, the biggest thank you goes to you, the LTEN members. Throughout these difficult months, you’ve been patient, gracious and supportive of our new work-world. Your work and your commitment continue to inspire everyone here. I’ll see you at LTEN Connect!


Dawn Brehm is executive director of LTEN. Email Dawn at


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