Technology: The Great Enabler of Education

By December 10, 2021LTEN Focus On Training


Technology: The Great Enabler of Education

FROM THE PRESIDENT – Richard Sampson

Technology helps at every step of the extended training process

Technology is an amazing training tool, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. Its use has been ramping up for a while now, and the reality of the past two years has just increased adoption.

So, it’s only fitting that we once again spotlight training technologies in this special edition of LTEN Focus on Training magazine, and it’s my honor to welcome you to it.

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This is seriously one of my favorite issues we publish, because technology is such a great enabler of education. Not only in the pandemic example – where it literally kept our industry afloat – but in a million little ways we don’t always appreciate anymore.

Technology doesn’t just help us design and deliver training; it helps at every step of the extended process – from communicating needs and scheduling meetings to tracking results and reporting outcomes. In many ways it is “us” when we can’t physically (or virtually) be there with the team.

Many of you LTEN members just participated in a great example of technology integration, with the 50th LTEN Annual Conference being held Nov. 8-11 as a hybrid event. Many of us came together in person in Colorado, and many of us joined virtually from all over the globe – literally.

Not only was technology used to connect us all, but it was also, as you’d imagine, a common talking point at the event:

  • We had keynote speakers who leaned into technology as a tool to drive innovation.
  • A tech-themed workshop track was packed full of real-world examples and ideas.
  • Attendees in person and virtually shared tales, tools and tips on technology enabled training.

The last one really excites me, because it wasn’t just our speakers sharing. LTEN is built on a foundation of networking and the membership did not disappoint when it came to tech talk at the annual event. We see the same thing at our networking mixers, our workshops and our webinars, through the LTEN On-the-Go app and any time or place that more than two of us connect. It’s always thrilling.

Of course, you’re going to see it here too, in this special issue. We’ve pulled together articles on tech topics including:

  • How technology transforms organizational learning.
  • Ways technology enables measurement and analytics.
  • How interactive facilitator guides turn technology into a competitive advantage.
  • Technology platforms for coaching and training front-line colleagues.

There’s something else in this issue, and I hope you feel it. You’ll also find a
general attitude – almost cheerleading – that’s decidedly pro-technology. I’m there
in my adoption – and have been since I’ve seen what new heights we can reach
with a little virtual assist.

I think most of you are there with me, and if that doesn’t sound like you, please catch up and join us. It’s not always easy to reinvent processes and refocus thinking, but the benefits are apparent. Plus, like it or not, it’s a foundational part of business now.

Fortunately, growing skills is also tech enabled, and today’s learners have more access to support before, during and after training than ever before. Be sure to take full advantage of these support options and encourage your learners to as well.

Technology can be counted on to continually evolve, and as trainers, we must evolve with it. I hope this issue helps to support your growth, and I’d urge you to check out LTEN events and programs.

When you see what we can do together, it’ll make your (and our) journey easier.

Richard Sampson is president of the LTEN Board of Directors and vice president,
global training and development, for Cepheid. Email Richard at


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