Spotlighting the 8th Annual LTEN Excellence Awards Finalists

By August 19, 2022LTEN Focus On Training

Meet the Finalists – by Tim Sosbe

In close competitions like the LTEN Excellence Awards, the difference between finalist and winner can be a matter of degrees.

Each year, the judges are tasked with sorting through incredible work and amazing results. Each year, their task is difficult. Each of the finalists introduced here – on both the primary market practitioner side and the supplier side – deserves congratulations for their work, their energy and their contributions to our industry. In the pages ahead, many of them have shared their noteworthy work.

All-Star Teams

  • Astellas Pharma U.S.: Built a flexible catalog of learning workshops.
  • Edwards Lifesciences: Exceeded expectations with a global cardiac surgery course.
  • Genentech: Fostered a culture of diversity and belonging.
  • Horizon Therapeutics: Centralized to deliver exceptional training programs.
  • Smith & Nephew: Innovated a digital approach to training.

Emerging Leaders

  • Deshá Hagens, Amgen: Delivers an impact that extends beyond training.
  • Jamie Lynn Zona, Teva Pharmaceuticals: Approaches tasks with an inquisitive eye.

Training for Change

  • AbbVie: United two learning and development teams to elevate performance.
  • BioMarin Pharmaceutical: Empowered everyone to build global, strategic plans.
  • Bristol Myers Squibb: Created training to support today’s hybrid sales model.
  • Merz Therapeutics: Built collaboration and diversity with key account training.
  • Philips: Standardized sales messaging and strategy across teams.
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals: Improved new-hire training with minimal time out of field.

Non-Commercial Efficiency

  • Genentech: Transformed training to connect all different teams.
  • Merck: Created a playbook to improve time to productivity.

Innovation (Practitioner)

  • Amgen: Improved learning, efficiency, agility and alignment.
  • Bayer: Created a model for effective microlearning.
  • Merck: Leveraged a customized blueprint for career growth.
  • Regeneron: Redesigned sales training to an agile methodology.
  • Roche: Created solutions to personalize learning.

Innovation (Provider)

  • Actando: Enriched learners to handle competitive challenges.
  • Proficient Learning: Optimized the link between coaching and performance.
  • Educational Resource Systems: Created an engaging, immersive environment for learning.
  • Illuminate: Centralized solutions to address field performance gaps.
  • TiER1 Performance: Reinvented patient training, involving the entire care team.

Learning Content

  • Ashfield Excellence Academy: Put together a coaching approach rolled out globally.
  • Attensi: Created gamified training for hybrid customer interactions.
  • Axiom: Built regional training meetings to enhance selling skills.
  • Encompass Communications and Learning: Helped marketers gain expertise through learning journeys.
  • Open Health Learning & Development: Created e-learning modules for a drug pending FDA approval.

Industry Partnership

  • IC Axon: Developed a campaign to support global oncology.
  • ETU: Partnered on agile projects to drive behavior change.
  • Red Nucleus: Collaborated seamlessly on a new-hire training program.


About LTEN

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