Speed Coaching: Finding Your ‘Learning Genie’


GUEST EDITOR – By Melissa Lowe

Who couldn’t use a trusted adviser in their corner?

Are you faced with navigating your next career move in learning and development (L&D)? Have questions on how to elevate yourself as an L&D practitioner? Experiencing challenges in the current role – whether it be with sales leadership, marketing or corporate business transformation? Are you expected to achieve more in your role or department, but do it with less? Tasked with building the next large sales meeting and all its workshops?

Does any of this sound familiar? Might this be you?

If so, wouldn’t it be ideal to have a “learning genie” (maybe in a bottle) at this very moment? A trusted resource who grants insight on some of your most complex, challenging and career-focused questions? An adviser who could quickly provide you with answers and remedies right away?

If you could use a genie like that, then look no further – LTEN is going to grant your wish.

Speed Coaching

This year, the popular speed coaching program will return to the LTEN Annual Conference, taking place June 10-13 in Kissimmee, Fla. If you’re not familiar with the concept, each year at the conference we pair experienced learning leaders with LTEN members seeking career and industry guidance. The coaching sessions happen fast at the conference (in 20-minute blocks), but often the connections made become long-term discussions.

This year, the conference kicks off with speed coaching taking place on Tuesday morning, June 11, during breakfast.

Speed coaching will pair you with tenured, experienced, insightful, respected, “I’ve been there, done that” L&D practitioners ready to grant answers to your most pressing questions. You’ll have two different, 20-minute intensive sessions, each with a different learning genie. This one-to-one time ensures a focused, personalized experience with each. It’s an opportunity to “level up” going forward.

Why Speed Coaching?

You’re passionate about elevating your development and what’s possible not only for you, but your organization. Time is scarce, change is constant, yet the need for growth and achievement is ever present. These sessions provide a powerful, concise interaction, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas, strategies and tips that can have immediate impact.

This format also offers a unique opportunity to connect with experienced learning leaders, setting the stage for potential long-term connections. Having led this program and served as a speed coach for the past few years, I have witnessed these encounters blossom into long-term professional dialogues. I’ve seen them spur ongoing guidance, idea exchange, skill development, support and networking.

It’s the vehicle others have leaned on to “level up” their skills with the help of an experienced expert.

How to Learn From a Genie (or Be One)

Eager to gain insights from your own learning genie?  Registration is open and will remain open through May 27, 2024. Registrations will not take place on site during the conference, so be sure to sign up now. Seize this opportunity to gain much needed ideas and strategies from the seasoned learning genies among us.

Are you ready to be a learning genie (or coach)? If you’re an experienced learning leader who’s passionate about developing others, sharing experience, insights and guidance, this is your call to make a significant impact in a short time. To sign up as a genie, contact LTEN’s magical membership director, Miki White, to share your interest in coaching at #LTEN2024. We’ll set up a training webinar to help prepare all learning genies.

‘Level Up’ With Speed Coaching

These one-to-one dialogues serve as a catalyst for learning, professional development, idea exchange and connection within our vibrant LTEN community. Whether you’re seeking guidance to navigate your career path or eager to share your wealth of knowledge, this program is designed to facilitate meaningful exchanges in an efficient and impactful way.

Ready to capture the magic? Let’s harness the power of collective wisdom and “level up” our growth together. I look forward to witnessing the energy and exchange of ideas as you build lasting professional relationships through this exciting program.

Melissa A. Lowe, M.B.A., is director, enterprise education & enablement, North American Region Health System Sales, for Philips, and a member of the LTEN Advisory Council. Email her at melissa.lowe@philips.com or connect through linkedin.com/in/m-lowe.



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