Some Well-Earned Thanks

By August 20, 2022LTEN Focus On Training

This issue of LTEN Focus on Training magazine celebrated winners and finalists in the 8th Annual LTEN Excellence Awards, but there are a lot of folks to thank along the way to those honors. It’s been a year with a lot of great work and selfless sharing.

Thanks to everyone involved in this year’s award’s program. That’s a list that includes:

  • First and foremost, as always, thanks to the award nominees. We had record nominees again, and everyone was worthy of a win. Congratulate yourselves for work well done.
  • Of course, we thank the judges. All sorts of industry leaders volunteered to review the submitted work. It’s never an easy task.
  • The sponsors who make the awards program possible also deserve a round of applause – this year our sponsors were CMR Institute, Educational Resource Systems and Metrix Group. They’re generous with time and resources and that contribution allows us to recognize the excellence they and their clients bring to the table.
  • Thanks also to all the sponsors of #LTEN2022, for providing a platform for networking, education and sharing.
  • Also deserving thanks are those on stage and behind the scenes for the award ceremony. Jenn Muszik of Biogen and a member of the LTEN Board of Directors did a fantastic job emceeing the awards ceremony. Also deserving special recognition are all of our mainstage hosts: Richard Sampson, Greg Adamson and Jenny Bryan. Every member of the board worked closely with LTEN staff to produce the event.
  • Finally – and especially – thank you to those who attended the event and cheered on the nominees and winners. Success is typically a team effort, and it’s appreciated to see LTEN members support one another’s excellence.

We look forward to seeing you take part in the 2023 LTEN Excellence Awards program. Stayed tuned for more details and the opening of nominations!

Our 2022 Judges

  • Greg Adamson
  • Stephanie Hunter Banks
  • Richard Baron
  • Ashley Bentley
  • Seth Borsuk
  • Dawn Brehm
  • Jennifer Bryan
  • John Constantine
  • Jeff Hartzler
  • Laura Last
  • Mark Lockett, Sr.
  • Melissa Lowe
  • Kent Malmros
  • Michael McGrath
  • Connie Murray
  • Jennifer Muszik
  • Mark Osborne
  • Chris Platanos
  • Alison Quinn
  • Gregory Sapnar
  • Pam Stalgren
  • John Sjovall, Jr.
  • TJ Sun
  • Cleon Wellington, Jr.
  • Carol Wells
  • Jason Zeman




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