Provider Innovation IC Axon, A Division of GP Strategies

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Provider Innovation IC Axon, A Division of GP Strategies

Learners self-reported an increased understanding and empathy for the patient.

Members of the team from IC Axon (a division of GP Strategies), from left to right: Thomas Pizer, director of learning technologies, learning solutions group; Roula Drossis, associate director, visual and digital innovation; David Schmoyer, vice president of sales; and Carole Gins, vice president.

Looking to help launch curriculum in six languages across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets, Johnson & Johnson Vision turned to IC Axon, a division of GP Strategies. The partnership has earned IC Axon the Provider Innovation honor in the 5th Annual LTEN Excellence Awards.

J&J needed training support for the EMEA launch of a product designed to treat a very specific type of visual acuity loss. Due to the specificity of the patient’s visual needs, it was important to translate that need for people who have not experienced it. Carole Gins and the team designed the training to help sales representatives understand the patient experience and facilitate meaningful conversations with customers.

The curriculum was built to communicate the excitement of the launch, to connect sales representatives to the real-world experiences of patients and to train on the product. Virtual reality (VR) experiences were integrated into a curriculum, along with a communication campaign and live launch training workshops.

VR provided an innovative, immersive learning experience that let learners step into the shoes of patients with intermediate range visual acuity loss. The VR scenarios effectively demonstrate how patients are affected, and how the product can help, encouraging sales representatives to bring that understanding to healthcare providers.

“The ability to place themselves in the patient’s shoes was a critical value driver for the sales representatives, allowing them an intimate understanding of the very specific visual acuity loss experienced by patients,” said Jan Jagerman, manager, sales training & development EMEA, surgical, J&J Vision. “This gave the representatives the ability to empathize with the patient more directly and bring that knowledge and empathy to targeted customer conversations.”

In the end, learners self-reported an increased understanding and empathy for the patient experience, resulting in enhanced confidence. Managers also reported an increase in engagement and confident discussions, resulting in an increased ability to address customer concerns.


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