LTEN Talks: Communication and the Patient’s Voice

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LTEN Talks: Communication and the Patient’s Voice

LTEN Talks

Once again, the final morning of the LTEN Annual Conference is going to be worth staying around for, with a keynote presentation from Seth Mattison followed by two valuable LTEN Talks you won’t want to miss. The popular LTEN Talks give multiple speakers a shorter presentation window to quickly share their knowledge, solutions and inspirations. For this year’s 48th LTEN Annual Conference, the conference will wrap up with an unforgettable story that’ll make you rethink patient centricity and an eye-opening look at communication.

Doug Lindsay

Starting at 10:10 a.m. on Thursday, June 6, Doug Lindsay will share a story that’s sure to inspire you and confirm how the patient belongs at the core of healthcare.

When he was just 21, Lindsay was forced to drop out of college after developing a mysterious, debilitating illness. While his doctors were stumped, Lindsay was living in a world with a racing heart, rooms that seemed to spin and his muscles cramped and aching – all happening after standing for a short time or walking about 50 feet.

With no treatment in sight, Lindsay spent 22 hours a day confined to a hospital bed – for 11 years. Until, that is, he figured out what was wrong, developed novel treatments to address it and then developed a surgery to fix his condition. It’s a story you won’t want to miss.

Lila Smith

Lila Smith takes the stage at 10:45 a.m. on June 6, with her LTEN Talk helping to close out the program.

Smith, the creator of the Say Things Better method of “intentional communication,” works to help people and business communicate more effectively.  Communication, of course, helps to create programs that stick, build sustainable relationships and generally meet business and personal goals. In her  unique LTEN Talk presentation, Smith will discuss how to develop communication processes that neutralize hidden combustible touch points and help to maximize the impact of your messages.

Be sure to stay for the very end of the 48th LTEN Annual Conference, to learn and  experience all the event has to offer.


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