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By February 2, 2023LTEN Focus On Training

Directions – Dawn Brehm

LTEN is fortunate to have committed leaders & members

We often hear some common phrases when people describe their exemplary colleagues they have the good fortune to work with. For example, going above and beyond, going the extra mile, giving110%. Our “dream teams” typically contain crew members who fit these descriptors.

That’s one way we’re fortunate here at LTEN. In many ways, we’re an organization led by volunteer leaders setting strategy, like our Board of Directors. We’re fortunate to have that dedicated group. It’s one thing to do more than expected for a paying job, but when that’s how you contribute to a volunteer role, you are indeed a special person.

That makes me think of our outgoing LTEN Board President Richard Sampson. I’m sure many of you know Richard and are already nodding. But I must take the time to brag about Richard.

Earlier in this issue you hopefully found Richard’s humble farewell column. Let me say the things that modesty might have stopped him from sharing as he deserves.  Richard took on the president’s role close to the same time he took on a major leadership role in his current organization. Of course, no one knew Cepheid would find itself on a major expansion-and-growth trajectory due to the key services Cepheid provided during the pandemic.

As we all know, extreme corporate growth is a heavy workload for learning & development departments. But it didn’t slow Richard.

With our world all topsy-turvy due to the pandemic, Richard reached deep into his leadership bag of knowledge to ensure that the LTEN board was in the position to partner with the staff to bring value to the members. The tools and support our members needed changed overnight, and under Richard’s leadership, the team rose to the challenge.

That’s the above-and-beyond part. Let me tell you about the 110%.

As life and work evolved, Richard graciously agreed to extend his tenure as board president. The board felt Richard was best positioned to continue leading LTEN and asked him to stay on for more. About 13 months more.

But now, the time has come to give Richard the big thank you for his many contributions to LTEN. (Don’t worry, he’s staying on the board and will still be your champion.)

I personally want to thank Richard for working closely with me and the staff to execute for LTEN members in ways we never have before. His patience, ideas and leadership were essential to LTEN growing and thriving in a time when many professional societies faltered. I am honored to have worked beside Richard during these very challenging times.

As we get ready to name his successor (stay tuned!), let’s take another lesson from Richard and look ahead.

Focusing forward, 2023 is shaping up to be another stellar LTEN year. LTEN will be offering live and virtual programs–with online and in-person, through self-study and instructor-led, we’ll meet members where they are. Keep your eyes on your email to learn the latest offerings on the LTEN calendar of events.

You can also use LTEN Focus on Training to stay current on the 52nd LTEN Annual Conference. Check out the monthly insert showing you what to expect at the 2023 Annual Conference (click here to check it out).

Another thing to share about this year is an expanded focus on leadership curricula. The Learning Executive Forum, an annual event, will expand to the Learning Executive Series. We’ll have a steady stream of leadership ideas and roundtable discussions, all leading to the live event in the fall of 2023.

If you are a current team leader or an aspiring leader and want to be on the list to receive the latest in leadership ideas, click here to join the mailing list.  The programs and events are made possible by our gracious sponsors: ACTO, CMR Institute, Educational Resource Systems, iCoachFirst, Illuminate, LEADx, Proficient Learning, Red Nucleus, Whole Systems and WLH Consulting & Learning Solutions.

Like I said before, we are blessed as an organization to have volunteers, volunteer leaders and dedicated staff willing to give so much to LTEN. Each of you share your expertise with fellow members, enabling all of us to rise to the challenges we face.

Thank you for being part of LTEN and please join me in thanking Richard for his 110%, his extra mile and his above and way beyond, for each of us.

Dawn Brehm is executive consultant for LTEN. Email Dawn at


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