Energizing Training: Innovation & Improv

DIRECTIONS – By Lauren Harbert

Training is on a journey of courage and creativity

Hello LTEN community and happy May! With the LTEN Annual Conference only a few short weeks away, I want to share a conversation-turned experience about innovation, creativity and stepping out of your comfort zone. It’ll end in a fun place, with an invitation for you to experience the same with us in June.

In our ever-evolving field of training and development, embracing innovation and creativity isn’t just beneficial — it’s essential. I had the privilege of engaging in a fascinating conversation with a seasoned trainer and learning executive who had masterfully blended the art of improvisation with the science of learning to create an unforgettable training experience.

Our dialogue began with an exploration of the shared values that unite trainers: a passion for sharing knowledge and a relentless pursuit of innovative ways to inspire, educate and elevate learners. This executive shared with me a captivating story of how a quest to enhance leadership development led to a radical approach that would change the way training was delivered.

Integrating Improv

The heart of our conversation revolved around a bold move to integrate improvisation into the training environment. The goal was clear: to capture and maintain the attention of busy leaders by creating a memorable learning experience that stood out from the conventional.

The decision to introduce improv, particularly through the medium of beatboxing and comedic performance, was not taken lightly. Yet, it proved to be a stroke of genius, marrying entertainment and education in this unique way.

The result was nothing short of revolutionary. Learners, traditionally accustomed to being passive recipients of information, were transformed into active participants. The energy and enthusiasm of the improv team not only charged the room but also dismantled the barriers to learning.

Leaders found themselves immersed in an environment where taking risks,experimenting and embracing the unexpected became the norm. This shift inmindset was evident, leading to breakthroughs in leadership development.

Active Involvement

These insights from our conversation highlighted the transformative power of active participation in learning. This fun, innovative approach fostered a deep sense of connection among participants, breaking down conventional hierarchies and encouraging a free exchange of ideas. The experience went beyond mere skill development, instilling in leaders the courage to embrace vulnerability and the importance of adaptability.

The energy throughout the conversation built with every insight and shared detail, and by the end of our discussion I couldn’t wait to experience this firsthand. As we wrapped, the recommendation was made to bring the improv team to Florida to kick off the #LTEN2024 conference.

You’re Invited

And so, I am extending an invitation for you to join me in experiencing this innovative approach firsthand. The #LTEN2024 opening keynote, led by FreeStyle+, is poised to not only share valuable lessons but also to embody the spirit of innovation that defines our field.

As I’ve reflected on our conversation, it’s clear that the journey of innovation in training is one that requires both courage and creativity. By stepping out of the traditional frameworks and embracing the unconventional, we open new pathways for learning and development.

As we look forward to the conference and beyond, let’s level up our innovative skills, lighting the way for transformative learning experiences that inspire both trainers and learners alike.

I hope to see you next month in Kissimmee, Fla.!

Lauren Harbert is executive director of LTEN. Email Lauren at lharbert@L-TEN.org or connect with her through linkedin.com/in/lauren-harbert-25373b35.



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