Leveraging the LTEN eLearning Lounge: A Video Case Study

When John Riggle, head of training for Promius Pharma, was looking to hire a new training manager, he went through the normal process of looking at internal and external candidates. Once he had selected his new hire, an internal, high-potential sales rep who had served as a field trainer, it was time to begin the training.

His new hire knew the company’s products, the marketplace, the culture and the landscape, but hadn’t really spent any time in the home office in a training role.

“That’s where I saw a tremendous opportunity to leverage the LTEN eLearning Lounge,” Riggle said.

Riggle, who has shared his onboarding story in a special video on the L-TEN web site, put together a training agenda that helped the new manager transition from the field to the office, while initially splitting her schedule between both.

In the video, Riggle shows the sample training schedule, including making use of the micro-learning modules available through the LTEN eLearning Lounge.

“Current job, new job, on the job training. There’s a lot going on,” he said. “These are great because you can use these on Fridays or at the end of any day or in any bite=size chunk to really train on a specific competency or area. But you can also use these as an introduction to some of the bigger training events you might have scheduled.”

The process has left Riggle satisfied with the new training solution.

“Overall high marks for the LTEN eLearning Lounge,” he said. “The feedback’s been really positive. It’s a great way to develop that field-based person while they’re still in the field.”

Tim Sosbe is editorial director for LTEN. Email Tim at tsosbe@L-TEN.org.

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