A New Membership Experience for You

As we look ahead to 2021, LTEN reflects on its nearly 50 years of service and considers how we can continue to evolve to serve members for next 50 years. This fall, we are delighted to share an early anniversary gift with you – a streamlined, intuitive experience for our members.

In the coming months, we will continue enhancing the LTEN website to include a predictive search tool, content tagging, social media sharing capabilities, and revamped content libraries.

If you have questions about the new platform or tools, you can reach us at info@L-TEN.org


  • Robust, intuitive member profile – easier than ever to update your bio, headshot and professional details.
  • Quick, easy access to your event confirmations and receipts – quickly locate your registration information, view your invoices, update your badge details and update your registration details.
  • Include your social media accounts to your LTEN profile to help members connect with you.
  • Improved membership renewal process. Quickly see your expiration date and member status, plus new auto-renew option.
  • Ability to save payment details and set preferred payment.
  • More communication preference controls. Use the My Communication option in your profile to select which types of mailings and email frequency.
  • Streamlined registration process plus new Group Registration options.
  • Improved call for workshops and awards entries submission process. Now submissions and judging are connected to your LTEN member profile.
  • Enhanced website security features. Easily login with your email and set a new password to meet today’s security standards.
  • For our industry partners and Preferred Industry Partners, we’ve introduced a new Administrator role to manage your profile – no more multiple listings for your profile. Plus, ability to see who is affiliated with your company and assigned as Administrator
  • Robust Contact Us form allows you to narrow your request, allowing LTEN team to provide you with laser-focused assistance.
  • Keyword search webinar recordings.

As we march closer to 2021, LTEN will continue rolling out new website features including enhanced search function, social sharing and more.

Robust, Intuitive Member Profile

What You Can Expect

On Monday, September 28, 2020 all LTEN members will receive an email reminder to add contact@L-TEN.org and info@L-TEN.org to their email safe senders list. Learn how. Be sure to also check your Spam or Junk folders for any @L-TEN.org email.

On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, parts of the website will be down or unavailable. We plan to enable the new portal and website late afternoon. The LTEN team will be hard at work testing and ensuring you’ll have a smooth experience.

On Thursday, October 1, 2020 members will receive an email with directions to login to their new member portals, reset their password and update profiles. Members will navigate to www.L-TEN.org and click on the Login link in the upper right hand corner.

The LTEN staff will be available from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern time to assist with login and site access issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m having trouble resetting my password – OR –  or the password reset isn’t working. 

A. When you receive the Login To Your New Member Portal email, use the link and directions to reset your password. If you experience trouble, you can email us at info@L-TEN.org or use the chat tool at www.L-TEN.org.

Q. I tried to reset my password but I haven’t received the email.

A. We recommend you doing an inbox search for contact@L-TEN.org and checking your Junk or Spam folders. If you cannot locate the email, email us at info@L-TEN.org or use the chat tool at www.L-TEN.org.

Q. I tried to login or reset my password but it doesn’t recognize my email address.

A. Ensure that your email is correct and does not include any spaces before or after. If you are still experiencing trouble, email us at info@L-TEN.org or use the chat tool at  www.L-TEN.org.

Q. I’m in the member portal but I’m feeling a little lost. 

A. We are here to help you. Watch the tutorial here. Still feeling a little lost? Email us at info@L-TEN.org or use the chat tool at www.L-TEN.org. We will also host live Q&As in the near future.

Q. Will my past event registrations and invoices carry over to the new member portal?

A. Yes, we have pulled in data from the past 3 years. If you need something before that timeframe, please email us at info@L-TEN.org. Allow for 48 hours to address your request.

Q. I see an error within my profile. How can I fix it? 

A. There are a few locations where you can fix your information. Editable items within your profile have buttons with pencil icons. If you see an error with your profile such as Committees, Company, Invoices, Events or Membership, email us at  info@L-TEN.org. Allow for 48 hours to address your request.

Q. I’m a Preferred Industry Partner and I need to update my directory listing. How can I do that? Who do I reach out to for help?

A. Over the course of the week of September 28, our team will be reaching out to the main contact of the account to invite them to update their profile – selecting new categories and updating their listing. If you have specific questions, email us at info@L-TEN.org. Allow for 48 hours to address your request.

Note: The primary contact and Admin contacts will login to their profile and can select their Company to access the organization details and update. We will provide training and step-by-step guide.

Q. I had bookmarked pages on your site and none of those appear to be working now. 

A. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. We made every effort to keep several of the pages with same naming and linking but the major platform changes means that some changes were unavoidable. However, we hope you are able to use this as an opportunity to explore the new site.

Q. I noticed an error on the main website OR – I noticed something is missing on the website. 

A. We moved recent content from past two years into the new site and are actively updating the site with older content as well. If you are looking for something specific, email us at info@L-TEN.org. Allow for 48 hours to address your request.

Thank you in advance for your patience and we look forward to your feedback!

Nannette Nolan
Director of Marketing Communications
Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN)
(424) 266-0745
(she, her, hers)