October 11, 2022 in Bonus Focus

The Compassionate Culture: Being Kinder at Work

By Jamie Graceffa At its most basic level, culture is the personality of the organization. It's what defines the environment in which we work. I like the word "personality" –…
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July 12, 2022 in Bonus Focus

Finding the Right Voice for Life Sciences Training

By Suzanne Weintraub Life sciences trainers, writers, researchers and project managers spend countless hours on the creation of training and development programs. When it gets to the final step of…
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June 29, 2022 in Bonus Focus

Wellbeing, Workouts & Webinars: LTEN Members Connect With Health

By Deborah Bonzell Editor’s Note: Wellbeing expert and trainer Deb Bonzell has been kind enough to share her knowledge and insight into healthy lives – personally and professionally – with…
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May 17, 2022 in Bonus Focus

Regional Field Trainers: A Unique Training Opportunity

By Shaun McMahon Regional field trainers (RFTs) are vital to understanding local healthcare practices and perspectives. Their unique position provides insight and real-world perspective crucial to succeeding in today’s crowded…
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May 13, 2022 in Bonus Focus

I’m In Love with My Own Content

By Vivian Bringslimark Many QA/HR training managers are responsible for providing a train-the-trainer course for their designated trainers.  While some companies send their folks to public workshop offerings, many chose…
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May 12, 2022 in Bonus Focus

Learning from Customer Education Evaluation Metrics

By Swati Sengupta I was reading an article on common evaluation metrics used in customer education and was struck by both how similar and different these are from the metrics…
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