LTEN Code of Ethics

The Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN) Code of Ethics

The LTEN Code of Ethics has been developed to ensure that all professionals associated with the Society strive to uphold a working environment that promotes exceptional standards of honesty, respect, integrity, discretion and sound judgment.

While this Code is relevant to activities directly associated with LTEN, we expect that any member of the LTEN community also will maintain an ethical responsibility to employers, colleagues, clients and others within their professional realm. It is our mutual responsibility to foster the integrity and competence of the life science training industry.

As a society, we endeavor to adhere to the following code of ethics. LTEN Board of Directors, staff, and members will:

Exhibit Professional Integrity

  • Safeguard membership information and understand that it is proprietary and accessible for the sole and exclusive use of members for LTEN-related purposes.
    • Membership contact information is not intended for commercial use, including direct solicitation or mass marketing purposes, and under no circumstances should the information be printed or reproduced
  • Abide by the highest standards of truth and accuracy, and never intentionally use false or misleading information or misrepresent the efforts and contributions of others.
  • Treat others equitably and respectfully without regard to race, religion, age, gender, national origin or ancestry, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or status as a qualified disabled or handicapped individual.

Conduct Operational Excellence

  • Handle organizational and operational duties with astute leadership exemplified by open communication and transparency.
  • Promote working relationships among board officers, staff, members, and other stakeholders based on mutual respect and fairness.
  • Seek to avoid conflicts of interest and openly disclose any such conflicts.
  • Comply with all copyright laws as well as laws governing individual positions.

Represent LTEN Fairly

  • Exemplify the values of LTEN with positive, honest judgment in any negotiations, contracts, or agreements, avoiding any practice that has the intention of damaging the reputation of the Society or its members.
  • Approach any organizational activity with courtesy and responsiveness in carrying out the organization’s mission.
  • Recognize that the primary purpose of the LTEN community is to serve the best interests of the membership.
  • Uphold the spirit of this Code and encourage by example all others within the Society to do the same.

Membership Contingent on Compliance with Code of Ethics

  • The bylaws of the Society, Article VII, Section 4, specifies that membership in the Society is contingent on compliance with the Code of Ethics. If a member is deemed to be non-compliant with the Code of Ethics, the Board of Directors will review the case and may vote to terminate an individual’s membership.

Adopted by the LTEN Board of Directors on November 17, 2011.