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Thank you for supporting this year’s LTEN Learning Executive Series. As a sponsor, you are invited to share a Learning Lab with all executive series participants and prospects — heads of learning, department heads, and learning executives — all of whom are top prospects and key decision-makers.

Deadline to Submit: September 15, 2023  

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Learning Lab Video Specs

To ensure the quality and consistency of the content, please follow these video submission instructions and specifications:

Content Guidelines:
– The Learning Lab should provide valuable insights or training on a specific topic related to your product, service, or industry expertise.
– Focus on delivering practical knowledge and actionable takeaways for the audience.
– The content should be original, relevant, and engaging.

Video Length & Format
 – The video should be no longer than 20 minutes in duration.
– Preferred video formats: MP4 (see YouTube specs for detailed instructions)
– Minimum resolution: 720p HD
– Aspect ratio: 16:9

Submission Process:
– Upload the video to a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox.
– Share the video link and supplemental materials here:

– Ensure you have all necessary rights and permissions to use any third-party content, images, or music in your video.

Tips for Delivering a Great Presentation

Plan to Succeed

  • Subject matter experts with special knowledge or expertise are often the “sizzle” that sells the steak.
  • Practice makes perfect. Speakers should rehearse content off-camera to sound polished and prepared. Have at least one rehearsal session to ensure speakers are comfortable with the webinar platform operation.

Tailor to Your Audience – Skip the Pitch!

  • Time and again, LTEN members tell us that they DO NOT want a sales pitch. This Lab should be focused on the audience and address topics of interest to them. Help these learning leaders see your value and expertise.
  • Integrate a call to action. Consider bonus opportunities to drive leads to your site in meaningful ways during your presentation. Ex. “Visit to download a copy of the Fake eBook which features the 5 Tools CLOs are Using to do XYZ.”
  • Create a learning experience that is relevant for learning executives and heads of learning. This is your chance to put your expertise on display for this special audience of key decision-makers.

Grab Attention

  • Keep your webinar title short & sweet. Titles should accurately reflect the content but also be memorable and appealing.
  • Engage your audience with an opening slide containing a relevant and interesting fact or anecdote.
  • When technology allows, it’s best practice for speakers to appear on camera.
  • Outline what you’ll be discussing. Make it clear that people will leave with actionable advice and recommendations.

Create Engagement

  • Use slides to illustrate your points, not as a visual crutch — and don’t simply read content from the deck.
  • A single speaker is great but discussions and moderated panels are more interactive, and will often enliven and engage your audience more than a stagnant presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Labs can we submit?
We ask that each sponsor only provide a single Learning Lab.

Who can submit a Learning Lab?
Each 2023 LTEN Learning Executive Series sponsor may share one Learning Lab.

Who will have access to my Learning Lab?
Learning Labs will be hosted on this page together and password protected so that only 2023 LTEN Learning Executive Series participants and sponsors can access the content.

How long will my Lab be available?
Labs will be viewable two weeks before the October 2023 LTEN Learning Executive Series – Annual Forum and available until December 31, 2023.

Can I submit supplemental materials, contact info or special landing page with my video?
Yes, the submission form provides fields to collect additional information and content which will be included alongside your video.

Will I get viewership numbers or metrics from my video playback?
XXX Checking w/ Shaliya’s team on plugin XXX
Metrics will be shared in advance of the Forum and will be available upon request thereafter.