2015 Conference Slides and Handouts

Break Out of Breakouts - The Next Gen of Experiential Learning
The Training Carousel: Making Learning Faster, More Relevant and Global
THERE’S A PRICE FOR BORING: Creative Training Approaches That Engage and Drive Outcomes
Identifying and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders at Genentech
Leading from Stillness: Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Learning Acceleration
Developing a Sales Model For Today's Complex Healthcare Marketplace
Thought Leader Panel: How to Leverage Technology for Op5mized and Evidence Based Learning?
From Silos to Integrated Learning & Development Across a Product Lifecycle
Tomorrow’s Sales Training: Using a Multi-Modal Approach for a Tenured Sales Force
Honey, I Shrunk the Training: What Is Bite-Size Training
Medical Device & Diagnostics Landscape
The Four C’s of Successfully Linking Training to Business Results
Pharmaceutical Training & Development Landscape
Leadership Influence: How ResMed Managers Communicate with EQ
Creating flashy, engaging, mobile learning doesn't need to cost so much!
Quality Measures and Why They Matter: Training the Sales Force for the New Environment
Multi-Generational Learning Understanding, Communicating, Training
Accelerate Learning and Retention with Neuroscience-Based Techniques
Creating the Value Proposition For Mentoring
Field Development: Why Is It NOT Working Despite Best Intentions?
The Science of Learning
Training Metrics that Align to Sales Performance
Transforming Today’s Trainers into Tomorrow’s Leaders