Step-by-Step Guide to Applying:

You will login in to select your award category/categories and pay the applicable fees. After payment, you’ll receive an email from with directions to complete your application(s) and upload a fillable document into the awards system. The steps below show the entire process and you can 📽️ watch a 10-minute tutorial here.

If you have any questions, please email us at or use the chat tool online.

Apply Now
  1. Review the category guidelines and login to start the Nominations process

NOTE: You’ll select the award categories and nominees and pay for the award application(s) first and complete the rest of your application afterward.

2. Select the award category you would like to submit a nomination for.

3. Search for the company or individual you would like to nominate. Upon finding the individual or company via search, click the name to add it to your application. If you are nominating at team, search for the parent company and also type in the name of the team in the blank space provided. Click Continue to proceed.

4. Name your entry with your Nominee Company Name and Nominee Last Name (i.e. ABC Pharmaceuticals – Nolan). Select if you’ll be submitting a Poster session. Details for poster sessions located are here.

5. Follow the prompts to submit payment or choose invoicing. Please note you may only enter one submission at a time. 

Upon payment, you will receive an email from to complete your nomination(s) by completing the fillable application and uploading into the awards portal.

    1. Complete the Word document linked in the email
    2. Save the document with the title as “Nominee Company Name_Nominee’s Last Name” e.g. “Abbott_Smith”.
    3. Login to the awards submissions page
    4. Scroll to bottom of page to see your submitted nominations
    5. Click on the Entry Title you’d like to upload the completed submission form to
    6. Click the + Add Document button to add the completed Word document and any other supporting documents.

*Documents acceptable for upload are word documents and PDFs. You may include hyperlinks to websites or video you’d like to reference within the word documents or PDFs. Size limitation is 1 MB.


  • Document Title is 20 characters long
  • Document Description is 80 characters long

If you have any trouble accessing these links, the portal, documents, or just have a question, please reach out at or use the website chat tool.