Creating Your Awards Nomination Summary Video

This year, we’re giving applicants an opportunity to submit a 90-second video, explaining what’s special about their nomination and why they deserve to win. The video is optional and applicants will not be penalized if they don’t submit a video.

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How will video summaries be used?

How will video summaries be used?

The video will be viewed by LTEN Excellence Awards judges along with your submission and any supplemental content provided. Judges will review the material and assign scores based on the criteria outlined in the FAQs.

LTEN will also use the finalists’ videos to promote the awards competition and announce the finalists and winners. Videos will be posted on the LTEN websites and across digital communication channels (email and social media posts) and the LTEN Focus On Training magazine.

Why are you asking for videos this year? What's the benefit to me?

Why are you asking for videos this year? What’s the benefit to me?

The video allows nominators an opportunity to speak about their entry in their own words and highlight the aspects of the entry that they feel are compelling and special.

The video summaries also allow the wider LTEN member community to learn more about your entry and highlight examples of excellence in advance of the conference and awards ceremony.

I don't think I can get approval for this video. What should I do?

I don’t think I can get approval for this video. What should I do?

The video summaries are not mandatory and if you feel that creating one would create an added layer of approval that would hold up submitting in time, please proceed with submitting your application without the video.

If you do produce a video later, you can share it with us and we’d be happy to pass it along to judges (if still in the judging phase) and share it with the LTEN member community.

Does the video need to be professionally produced? What is the criteria for the video summary?

Does the video need to be professionally produced? What is the criteria for the video summary?

The video summaries do not need to be professionally produced. You want to put your best effort into creating your video but this can be done with little to no budget and little technical know-how.

For instance, using Zoom or Google Meet, a screencasting tool or a similar tool, you can record a few slides and save the video to a free YouTube account where you can generate a link. See the video on this page for guidance and example.

You are welcome to submit a highly-produced video but we only require a 90-second video that touches on key aspects of your nomination.

Tips for Creating Your Video

Creating your own video summary does not have to be stressful or difficult. You could simply record yourself, the nominees, or your team describing the key points of your submission on your phone or Zoom. You could create slides with key data points, successes, situation analysis and highlights while verbally running through what sets your team or project apart. Below are potential tools that are low- or no-cost that can be used to effectively create your video.

In this video, we share a quick approach to creating your video summary.

Free or L0w-Cost Ideas & Tools for Creating Your Video

  • Record yourself, your team or nominee via Zoom
  • Record a presentation from your computer using a screencasting tool such as Screencastify
  • Create your presentation using PowerPoint, Adobe Express or Canva. Then save your recording as an MP4 file and upload to YouTube (you can create a free account with a address) or Vimeo
  • Consider creating an explainer video through a tool like Vimeo or Animoto
  • Create a presentation via PowerPoint and use the Record tool within the application. Export the recording as an MP4 and upload to YouTube or Vimeo.