An Evidence-Based Approach to Delivering Learning and Valid Assessments

LTEN Science and Practice of Modern Learning and Assessment Workshop

Learning has rapidly moved well beyond the classroom onto phones and tablets. Learning events are evolving into sustainable learning processes. Questioning and assessments, once thought of as only a way to certify knowledge, are now seen as important parts of an adaptive learning strategy. Are you keeping pace with the needs of the modern learner?

Re-think your content and delivery strategy by developing a scientific, evidence-based approach to learning and assessment.

Improve your training programs using:

  • Adaptive Learning
  • Adaptive Questioning
  • Confidence-based Testing
  • Microlearning
  • Neuroscience
  • Personalized Learning
  • Valid Assessments

Science and Practice of Modern Learning

Is your training meeting modern learners where they are? Recent advances in cognitive science and mobile technology have revolutionized how we think about training and assessment. We are supplementing and, in some cases, replacing, large, structured training events with new learning strategies.

Join us to explore best practices in microlearning, gamification, mobile learning, video, podcasts, confidence-based testing, adaptive learning, learning personalization, and more.

You’ll leave this workshop with ideas on how to implement:

  • Gamification
  • Microlearning
  • Learning subscriptions
  • Adaptive learning
  • Personalization
  • Curated catalogs
  • Virtual reality

Learning Objectives

This workshop emphasizes a scientific, evidence-based approach to modern learning:

  • The Neuroscience of Learning
  • Understand the Role of Memory and How It Affects Training Delivery
  • Explore the Role of Cognitive Psychology in Training
  • Learn How Microlearning, Gamification and Adaptive Learning Will Improve Your Training Programs

Science and Practice of Testing & Assessment

Certification/mastery testing is a requirement for most life science training programs. We must prove that our employees are properly trained and have mastered the required material. But many of the testing strategies used by life science companies are not valid and would not stand up to scrutiny if challenged.

This workshop will cover the essentials of what is required to create fair, valid and reliable exams:

  • What is reliability and validity?
  • How are reliability and validity related?
  • How do you ensure that your tests are fair?
  • Rules for writing valid questions
  • How do you set valid and defensible passing scores?
  • Using item analysis to improve your questions and exams

Learning Objectives

This workshop covers topics essential to creating fair, valid and reliable assessments:

  • Basic Testing Concepts
  • Creating Valid Assessments & Questions
  • Setting Passing Scores
  • Using Assessments to Improve Learning
  • Assessment Strategy
  • Reporting

Target Audience

All Learning Professionals who:

  • want to extend their training beyond the classroom
  • are interested in cutting through the hype and discovering what the research says actually works
  • want to create assessments that can stand up to professional scrutiny
  • want to be able to make the case for modern learning within their organizations

Course Facilitator

Steven Just was previously the founder and CEO of Pedagogue Solutions. The Pedagogue Assessment Management System is by far the most widely used assessment system in the life science industry. In 2011, after 25 years of growing Pedagogue into the industry leader, Dr. Just sold Pedagogue to Saba, where he became the Vice President of Assessment Strategy, helping to unify Pedagogue into the Saba Talent Management system.

Dr. Just has a master’s degree in computer science, a doctorate in educational psychology and over 25 years’ experience working with the world’s leading life science companies. He has taught hundreds of workshops, validated tens of thousands of test questions, created learning and assessment strategies for more than a dozen life science companies and is a frequent speaker at professional conferences.

Science of Modern Learning & Assessment

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