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Titles/Positions of Members
  • Field Trainer – 4%
  • Sales of Commercial Trainer – 7%
  • Medical Science Liaison or Medical Affairs – 1%
  • Sales or Commercial Training Manager – 23%
  • Director/VP of Training – 36%
  • Training Partner – 10%
  • Other Life Science Company Training Professional (e.g. instructional designer, LMS admin, etc.) – 19%
Annual Budget for Staff Development
  • Less than $1,000 per trainer – 3%
  • $1,001-$2,000 per trainer – 20%
  • $2,001-$3,000 per trainer – 18%
  • No budget for professional development – 3%
  • Budgets are determined on an as-needed basis – 28%
  • Unsure/Don’t Know – 24%
  • Other – 4%
Years in Training
  • 0-1 years – 4%
  • 2-5 years – 24%
  • 6-10 years – 18%
  • 11-15 years – 22%
  • 16-20+ years – 32%
Areas of Focus
  • Medical Device or Diagnostics – 17%
  • Pharmaceutical or Biotech – 83%
  • Non-Commercial, Non-Sales Training – 12%
  • Commercial-Focused/Sales Training – 38%
Training Team Sizes
  • 5 or fewer – 56%
  • 6-15 – 22%
  • 16-30 – 14%
  • 31-45 – 1%
  • 46 or more – 3%
  • Other – 4%

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