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Bonus Focus - June 2014 Issue

Sales Coaching in the Cloud

By Joy Van Skiver

You may have the best cloud-based technology for creating sales coaching reports. But if the content is weak, the results are weak. In a survey of field coaching reports from pharma companies, only 21 percent provided the strong direction that makes a difference in someone’s performance. There was little or no direction in 79 percent. So, why do we call them coaching reports?

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Becoming Great: What Gets in the Way of a Mid-Level Performer? 

By Charles Brennan

As trainers, one question that puzzles us is, "What gets in the way of mid-level performers becoming better?"

One of the key initiatives is coaching the average performer to be better, more consistent and independent. Surveys will suggest that managers are consumed by this pack of performers; thereby neglecting the top performers that can be better and the new hires with the possibility of vast potential. How can a manager be more effective in balancing their time and effort to "coach up" the mid-level performer?


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Science-Based Skills: Building Trust & Relationships 

By Sheri Ann Strite and Michael E. Stuart, M.D.

A just-published article in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice has issued a rallying cry, asking all evidence-based medicine (EBM) science evaluators to "recognize the high risk of bias when the producers of evidence have a vested interest in the results."

We believe that the evidence should speak for itself regardless of industry involvement.  Quality science should be the goal of us all. This requires, at a minimum, optimal study design with outcomes that are meaningful to end users, reasonable populations for study, outstanding study execution and performance outcomes.


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