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Bonus Focus - February 2017 Issue

5 Steps to Help Manage Your 'White Space' 

By Kimberly A. Farrell

White space is the area in life we all love that is free from a schedule, obligation or demand. We all recognize it when we have it. White space is that wonderful mental reprieve that creates opportunities for creativity, leadership growth and social spontaneity, allowing us to be both physically and mentally present with others. It helps us stay in touch with those we love and keeps us grounded. Great moments in life get created spontaneously, if there is space for them to occur.


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Meet-A-Member: 5 Questions with Glen Drummond

By Tim Sosbe

Networking is crucial to business careers and is one of the main benefits of LTEN membership: The chance to meet, connect and learn from your life sciences peers. For this new Bonus Focus feature, we’re happy to introduce you to LTEN member Glen Drummond, senior director of commercial learning and development for DepoMed and one of the 2016 LTEN Members of the Year.

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