Introducing the New LTEN Learning Executive Series

Introducing the New LTEN Learning Executive Series

January 2023

Happy New Year to our Learning Executives!

As we enter 2023, we are focused forward, recognizing the continually changing external environment and what we need to do as learning organizations to prepare our people for success. As leaders of these learning organizations, we recognize that you have objectives and challenges that are unique to your position and in 2023, LTEN wants to do more to help you

Monthly Opportunities

This year, we introduce the new LTEN Learning Executive Series, created to provide monthly opportunities to engage you with topics that are specifically oriented toward those that are leading learning organizations.

Those serving on the Board of Directors here at LTEN are working on similar objectives and struggling with similar challenges. Therefore, each of us will be actively involved in engaging with you, sharing our thoughts on various topics, and creating opportunities for you to engage with us and each other. We have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience between all of us. We can do more to take advantage of that to learn from each other and grow.

Each month we will share topics with you, that is based on your feedback to us and relevant to your role. There will be emails from our Board members tackling specific topics, articles in the LTEN Focus On Training magazine that will be specifically oriented to learning leaders, and events for learning leaders (live and virtual) where we can engage, network, and learn from each other.

Here are some of the topics you can expect this year:

  • Building advocacy amongst internal stakeholders
  • Creating the right learning technology architecture
  • Building your bench – Developing your successor
  • Securing the change management support to change behaviors
  • How do you use innovation to affect change
  • Do you have the right L&D roles to meet the needs of the future
  • Moving your learning organization from reactive to proactive
  • Securing incremental resources to address critical needs
  • Creating your vision for the future and selling it across the organization
  • How to know you’ve been successful & how to prove your success to others

Learning Leaders Drive the Discussion

As we focus forward in 2023, we are putting a dedicated focus on learning executives. We hope you will find value in this and step forward to actively participate in networking events and our annual Leadership Forum.

Additionally, we want your feedback.

  • Are there topics that we need to add?
  • Are there speakers you want to hear from?
  • Are there other ways that you prefer to connect?

The goal is to help you be the best learning executive so that you can help your teams be the most successful that they can be. I hope you are already aware of the many resources that LTEN offers for your training teams to help them be better at what they do. Now we are adding a dedicated effort to help you, as the leader of the learning organization. I sincerely hope you will find this to be valuable. Please actively share your feedback with us so that we can continue to improve upon these efforts.

All the best,

Richard Sampson
Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN)

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