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Change Leadership Consultant Wendy L. Heckelman, Ph.D., Debuts new eBook

FLORIDA, September 23, 2020 (WLH Consulting, Inc.): In the face of the racial reckoning conversations, business leaders are being called upon to look inward regarding their organization’s culture and practices.  Organizations are questioning if they have done enough and are determining what needs to happen going forward to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

In the eBook, Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Prioritizing Cultural and Systemic Change to Attract and Retain Talent, WLH outlines an approach to help organizations take meaning

ful and impactful steps toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.  The three-step approach of Awareness, Assessment, and Action outlines empirically supported actionable steps to effectively answer two critical questions:

  1. How can a Life Sciences organization transform their culture to become a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace?
  2. What can the organization do to attract, develop, and retain women as part of its organizational leadership, and specifically African American women?

Equipped with these tools, leaders can begin the long and hard work of knocking down the institutional barriers that inevitably hold everyone back, reduce employee engagement, lead to talent loss, and ultimately create a less inviting and productive culture.

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About Wendy L. Heckelman, Ph.D.

Wendy L. Heckelman, Ph.D. president and founder of WLH Consulting, Inc., has advised and consulted on hundreds of major change initiatives in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. In nearly 30 years of working with Fortune 100 clients, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, health care, animal health, and consumer products organizations, Wendy has helped leaders and individuals prepare for and thrive during turbulent and transformative change. In addition to her broad-based multinational experience, Wendy has worked with many non-profits and emerging entrepreneurial organizations, helping them successfully navigate change and transformation.

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