Learning Executive Forum Sponsors Tools

Thank you for partnering to bring learning, industry-leading ideas, and solutions to our life sciences training leaders. Your support is invaluable.

If you have questions about your virtual booth space, sponsoring or other items regarding your participation, please reach out to Gregg Haunroth at ghaunroth@L-TEN.org.

NOTE: You’ll see references to PheedLoop often – this the platform provider we are using for LTEN Learning Executive Forum and when we reference PheedLoop, we are referencing the platform and dashboards running on this system.

The video is a preview of the show-time attendee/exhibitor experience. 👇👇👇

Building Your Virtual Booth Space

Getting Started

To get started, you should have received an email from LTEN Learning Executive Forum 2020 <no-reply@pheedloop.com>. If you have not received that message, please check your Junk or Spam folders.

If you have not received your email, contact Gregg Haunroth at ghaunroth@L-TEN.org.

From that email, you’ll be able to access your dashboard to upload your materials for your booth.

Booth Specs, Files & Materials Explained


Company Description & Categories 
Consists of:

  • Your company name
  • Tagline
  • Text description (5,000 characters)
  • Contact email
  • Keywords separated by commas (these will not show on your profile but will be used in search)
  • Address
  • Social media and company website links – NOTE: YouTube link is to a video and not a playlist or account page.
  • External meeting link


Your organization’s full logo. Dimensions depends on your logo. Visible on profile pages and the mobile application. Horizontal orientations work best. Will appear in mobile app exhibitor listing.

A square representation of your logo. Displayed in lists and icon sets. Recommended size: 500 x 500 PNG or JPEG, no white-space.

Used in various promotional areas, and shown at the top of your profile pages. Recommended size: 1000w x 400h PNG or JPEG, no white-space.

Promotional Video
Upload a promotional video. Supports a single MP4 file up to 100 MB (duration of video depends on resolution, usually 5 – 10 minutes of HD quality), typically 16:9 aspect ratio. Videos are displayed on loop and start muted.


Exhibitor Handouts (Downloads for Attendees) – Use this to upload whitepapers, demo video, brochures and other resources. Most common file types accessible: Word, PowerPoint, JPEG/GIF/PNG, video files and PDFs.


Select products and service categories for your company.

Exhibit Hall Hours & Staffing

Exhibitors/Sponsors will be available during the following times in the Virtual Exhibit Hall:

  • 10:30-11:00 AM
  • 12:30-12:45 PM
  • 2:30-3:00PM

We’ve designated dedicated networking time in the virtual exhibit hall and we recommend having staff available during this time specifically to be available to any visitors. Your team members are more than welcome to have the dashboard up for the duration of live event hours as well. More on engaging in your booth below.

Adding Staff to Your Virtual Booth & Registering them for Connect:

Each virtual booth comes with three event passes. To add staff to your booth, navigate to Managers and Tickets. From there, you can add booth staff by clicking on + Add New Manager button, entering contact details and indicating their role as staff, primary contact or secondary contact.

Contact & Support

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Networking & Leads Within Your Booth Space

Face-to-Face Video Calls & Chat

Once an exhibitor has connected with an attendee that is showing interest, they can engage in a real-time text chat, or even a real-time video call. No third-party tools are required for this functionality, it is entirely managed by PheedLoop (a product called “PheedLoop Meet”). The video call allows for a high-quality exchange between the exhibitor and attendee, just like the on-site experience would permit.

Global Chat & Presence Detection

As is the case with the entire PheedLoop virtual event portal, participating in the exhibit hall is a social experience. This means it must extend beyond the solo experience of an attendee having a face-to-face conversation with an exhibitor, as great as an experience that may already be. To emulate the experience of groups of attendees participating at a booth and even networking among themselves, PheedLoop’s real-time presence management features extend to the exhibit hall as well. This allows attendees to see who else is visiting a specific booth in real-time, chat among themselves publicly or privately, and ask a front line exhibiting staff member questions in the exhibitor’s public chat board. That front line staff member may also use this as an opportunity to qualify leads before permitting them to have a private face-to-face conversation.

File & Screen Sharing

While real-time chat and video calling add the crucial face-to-face aspect for exhibitors and attendees, sharing of information is equally important. Exhibitors can share their screens while on video calls with attendees, to walk them through product demonstrations, presentations, websites, or anything else. Exhibitors can also make files available for attendees to hang on to.

Before, During & After the Forum

What to Expect Before the Event

  1. You’ll receive an email to set-up your virtual booth space.
  2. We’ll provide details to add your staff to the system and get them ready for the event.
  3. The week before the live forum, you’ll be provided with a pre-day where you can get into the system and preview the system and test out the functionality. This is your opportunity to ensure staff knows how to use the portal, how to network and where to located leads information.

In the weeks leading up to the event, LTEN staff will reach out to confirm booth set-up, ensure your team knows next steps, and answer any questions that might arise.

What to Expect During the Event

On the day of the event, all attendees and event participants will receive an email in advance of the event. We will also be opening up the platform 10-15 minutes early to exhibitors.

We recommend you watch the video at this top of the page as that is a good representation of what you will experience as booth staff. You’ll navigate to your booth space and also the networking section to connect with booth visitors and those in the general area.

In the networking section, you’ll find a list of available attendees as well as visitors who’ve visited your booth. Be sure to check out the networking FAQs section above for more on this.

If you have tech questions, we have the PheedLoop team available on the day of. You can reach them by Support@PheedLoop.com .

What Happens After the Event?

Post-event, we’ll make the platform available to the event participants where they can access recorded workshops, keynotes, labs and continue to visit the virtual exhibit hall and poster presentations in the Showcase section of the platform.

The LTEN staff will also share exported virtual exhibit visitor reports for your booth.

The platform will be available for one year. Although the platform will be available, the availability of some recordings may not be as they are subject to presenter approval.

Technology Requirements

The PheedLoop platform is web-based and so nothing is required. We’ll send you login information when you sign up and then you use the web-based platform. You may want to ensure that pop-ups are enabled. We also recommend downloading the app in advance of the event to make use of that as well.

According to the brains behind the technology:

“The virtual event experience is built for the web, so no one needs to download anything, ever. We do recommend the use of Google Chrome for the best experience. PheedLoop Meet for face-to-face video networking is entirely web based.”

If you run into any technical challenges, please email support@PheedLoop.com.