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Bonus Focus - July 2017 Issue

Choosing the Right Training Program for Your Sales Team 

By Shaun McMahon

The last few decades have been a time of tremendous change for sales professionals working in life sciences. Amidst this myriad of changes and challenges, finding the right training program will be a key factor differentiating successful curriculum from those that struggle. There are several different types of programs. Which is best for you?


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Ummm, It’s Time to Declutter Your Communication

By Amy Glass

Do you clutter your speech with “ahs,” “ums” or “you knows”? Many of us do. Other forms of cluttered speech include repeating information or jumping back-and-forth between different points. Having some of this is OK, but too much cluttering and your audience gets confused, distracted and annoyed.So, how can we declutter our communication?

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Meet-A-Member: 5 Questions with Christi Clements

By Tim Sosbe

Networking is crucial to business careers and is one of the main benefits of LTEN membership: The chance to meet, connect and learn from your life sciences peers. For this Bonus Focus feature, we’re happy to introduce you to LTEN member Christi Clements.

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