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The 2022 LTEN Members of the Year: Brad Ansley, Monica Gillison, Michael Tomlinson & Steve Woodruff

By August 19, 2022Focus On Training

Steve Woodruff, awards emcee Jenn Muszik and Brad Ansley

Members of the Year – Tim Sosbe

Every year, LTEN is honored to recognize members who’ve really given extra effort to support and extend our network. These “Members of the Year” come from both the practitioner and provider sides of life sciences training, but they all share a commitment to making LTEN a valuable, viable professional ally to its members.

For the 2022 honorees, the LTEN Board of Directors selected from open nominations two primary market leaders and two
providers. Please meet the 2022 LTEN Members of the Year: Brad Ansley of Richardson Sales

Performance, Monica Gillison of SK Life Science, Michael Tomlinson of Eisai and Steve Woodruff of Impactiviti.

Monica Gillison, Jenn Muszik and Michael Tomlinson

Brad Ansley
Vice President, Life Sciences
Richardson Sales Performance

2022 Provider Member of the Year

Brad Ansley has been a reliable resource for LTEN since he joined in October 2011, mainly because he believes in the mission of our network. Since then, he’s written articles, delivered webinars and workshops and sponsored LTEN in many ways, including exhibiting and speaking at the LTEN Annual Conference. He’s also a member of the LTEN Preferred Industry Partner Advisory Board.

“LTEN has always had a sincere drive to facilitate the sharing of best practices across the industry to continually increase the value that sales representatives deliver,” Ansley said. “In doing so, all stakeholders benefit, from the industry as a whole all the way to the patient.”

The award literally took Ansley by surprise.

“I was honored and surprised to be recognized as an LTEN Member of the Year. In fact, I almost didn’t go to the ceremony since I was preparing for a Learning Lab presentation,” Ansley said. “It was humbling to see all the previous winners and to be recognized with them. I also want to recognize our team. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on and I would not be able to do it without them.”

Monica Gillison
Director, Product & Sales Training Capabilities
SK Life Science

2022 Practitioner Member of the Year

Since joining LTEN in April 2018, Monica Gillison has given a lot of time and energy. In addition to serving as a member of the LTEN Advisory Council – a special committee that helps operationalize board programs – Gillison has written articles, served as a guest editor of LTEN Focus on Training magazine and spoken at conference and LTEN events.

“I am a curious learner, so I selfishly love training and the opportunities it provides to enhance my learning journey,” Gillison said. “I believe you can always get better and there is no better way than to learn from others and in return to share what you have learned. I am always inspired by something that is presented by LTEN. Whether it is an article I read, a webinar I view or an inperson workshop or networking event, I continually take away something that I can use to help myself and to develop others.”

Winning the honor came as a shock.

“It was such an awesome surprise to be recognized by my LTEN peers for the Member of the Year award. Like the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, so honestly, I was not expecting this award and had not even realized all the contributions I had made to the organization,” Gillison said. “It was just part of my learning journey and in the process, hopefully I was able to help others too. I am humbled and honored to be recognized and to be a part of this amazing organization. Thank you, LTEN!”

Michael Tomlinson
Area Business Leader

2022 Practitioner Member of the Year

This honor shows Michael Tomlinson is a “dive right in” kind of guy. Three years ago, he was unfamiliar with LTEN when a manager at Eisai introduced him to the network. He joined, and became an active member. That led to winning one of the introductory LTEN Field Trainer Scholarships in 2020, which led to deeper involvement. In the past year, Tomlinson
joined the LTEN Field Trainer Committee, has spoken at LTEN events and webinars and has written for LTEN Focus on Training magazine.

“Thank you, LTEN for being extraordinary,” Tomlinson said. “I will continue to support this incredible organization. It has been so influential in my career and life.  LTEN will always mean to me:

Michael Tomlinson and his family

L – Learning from experts.

T – Teaching valuable concepts.

E – Engaging with incredible content.

N – Networking with the most extraordinary people!”

Despite the active involvement, Tomlinson was surprised by the Member of the Year award.

“I look forward to more opportunities to learn, teach, engage and network with the extraordinary members of LTEN,” he said. “See you on the main stage next year!”

Steve Woodruff

2022 Provider Member of the Year

Steve Woodruff has been a very visible part of LTEN for more than 25 years now and has over the years been called “the honorary mayor of LTEN.” In addition to supporting LTEN as a training provider, author, speaker and sponsor, Woodruff also writes a popular recap column after each LTEN Annual Conference, giving those who couldn’t attend an independent
and complete look at the event.

“I’ve been involved with LTEN for over 25 years,” Woodruff said. “At first, it was simply because the industry partner company that hired me to grow its business was part of the organization. But I have remained because I love this organization and the community it serves. LTEN is ‘my people,’ and the feeling goes both ways.”

Our people or not, Woodruff was still taken aback by the honor.

“I was quite surprised and honored to be named a Member of the Year,” Woodruff said. “Most small businesses or solo consultants don’t experience a lot of public validation. In fact, I used to joke with people that I need to find some legit way to add ‘award-winning’ to my LinkedIn profile; now I have to thank LTEN for checking off that box for me!”

Nominate a Star

Each year, nominations for Members of the Year are solicited from LTEN members and partners, as well as the LTEN Board of Directors, Advisory Council and staff. To make the final selections, board members look at volunteer contributions, work on committees or programs and generally those who selflessly give to support both LTEN and the broader life sciences training industry.

LTEN again will name Members of the Year at the 52nd LTEN Annual Conference, June 12-15, 2023, in Phoenix, Ariz. If you are aware of a member who has contributed significantly to the success of LTEN, please take advantage of the opportunity to nominate them for recognition.



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