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Spring: Time to Celebrate

By March 31, 2019October 4th, 2021LTEN Focus On Training


Spring: Time to Celebrate


We don’t have the luxury of resting on these laurels.

Growth milestones in life and learning are always worth celebrating. We celebrate every birthday with gusto, we acclaim all achievements, we mark milestones, including our children graduating from kindergarten or college or any level in between.

As we move toward Spring, LTEN is seeing growth worth celebrating as well. In December, LTEN welcomed its 2,000th member, Patrick Vitamanti of UCB. From our humble beginnings in 1971 with a handful of people, we’ve grown into a vibrant network that helps members navigate the changing landscape of healthcare education. It’s a milestone worth shouting from the mountaintops, because what we’re really celebrating is you.

Think about it. LTEN is a thriving and growing organization solely because everyone contributes: You, the members, share and interact, our Board of Directors, Advisory Council and various committees contribute leadership and hard work, our supplier partners provide support and content, and everyone contributes ideas as well as hands-on help.

I thank you for your contributions. You challenge us to raise the bar, to adapt and to flex to help you meet the demands of your careers.

Of course, we don’t have the luxury of resting on these laurels. LTEN maintains a sharp eye on the horizon, scanning for additional opportunities to grow our organization. Two recent areas of interest we’ve worked to build are adding more services and solutions for non-commercial life science trainers and for global members. Both areas are close to our membership and those professionals are often the trainers and educators you interact with on a regular basis. Both groups have benefited from annual conference tracks and have contributed content to the LTEN resource library.

I’m humbly asking you to do your part as well: Please help spread the word of the value of LTEN. Reach out to your international colleagues and invite them to participate in LTEN activities. When you work with your non-commercial colleagues, ask about who handles the training for their groups. Although these peers from divisions such as research & development and manufacturing may not physically reside in our departments, they are doing their best to elevate the learner experience, like you. Invite them to experience and share in the LTEN benefits.

In less than three months, we’ll all come together again for the 2019 Annual Conference. Your contributions of time, workshop submissions and Excellence Award applications are what make the event so strong. It’s built by members through selection committees, executed by members through volunteer support and, most importantly, attended each year by more and more of you. If you have not booked your conference attendance, register at Volunteer opportunities still exist, so raise your hand to support your conference.

Think about what you can do to contribute and grow our group and, at the very least, become a cheerleader for LTEN!

Dawn Brehm is executive director of LTEN. Email Dawn at

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