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Six Insider Tips to Make the Most of Your LTEN Membership

By May 25, 2023Focus On Training

Member Benefits – By Jenn Lalli

These key steps ensure your LTEN membership makes the most impact

Whether you’re new to LTEN or along time member, the sheer number of benefits available — from regional networking events to on-demand resources to national conferences — can make deciding how to invest your time with LTEN feel a little daunting. I know this from experience. When I first joined LTEN a few years ago, I found myself overwhelmed at times by questions about where I should get started and how I could get the most from my membership.

But actively seeking answers to these questions has been well worth the effort. Through my participation with LTEN, I’ve honed my skills, made impactful professional connections and gained valuable insights into the industry. Today, as an LTEN Ambassador, a member of the LTEN Editorial Board, an LTEN Industry Partner and the 2023 Provider Member of the Year, I have a greater appreciation of all LTEN has to offer.

Even though there’s no single formula for success, I’ve discovered there are key steps you can take to ensure your LTEN membership best helps you achieve your goals.

1. Define What Success Looks Like

We all would like to get the most from our LTEN memberships, but what that means to each of us is likely quite different. Your role and professional experiences will shape what you hope to gain through your membership.

So, before you review the LTEN benefits, consider your professional goals. Do you want to boost specific skills? Network? Advance your career? All of the above? Your responses will help determine which benefits you access and how you’ll judge success.

Insider tip:  Talk with a mentor, manager or others in your organization who are LTEN members about their goals as well as the professional opportunities they’ve participated in through LTEN. If you don’t know other members, consider contacting an LTEN Ambassador (our next tip).

2. Contact Your LTEN Ambassador

Volunteer LTEN Ambassadors are available to every member to offer advice and answer questions about member benefits. If you’re a new member, you’ll automatically be contacted by your ambassador within your first year of membership.

But there’s no need to wait. Simply email Miki White, director of member services, to express your interest in working with an ambassador, and one will contact you soon. (It might even be me!)

Insider tip:  I wish all LTEN members understood that there is no question too small and that ambassadors, such as myself, are eager to connect with members.  That’s why we volunteered for the role! So, don’t wait, contact Miki and get connected with an LTEN Ambassador today.

3. Go to Local Networking Mixers

These occasions offer ideal opportunities to meet and reconnect with professionals in your area. Moreover, they’re free!

Personally, I love the informal nature of these events. The casual environment is conducive to networking, discussing common challenges and sharing ideas. Each event also allows you to connect with the industry partners who are sponsoring the event if you’d like to do so.

Insider tip:  Before each event, set a goal to meet at least one new training colleague from another company. Ask for their contact information and then be sure to follow up with them.

4. Network Outside of Live Events

LTEN provides many ways to connect with fellow members outside of live events. Consider:

Insider tip:  Before contacting a fellow member, take the time to review their LinkedIn profile to learn about their career and professional connections. You’ll gain a better idea of who they are and what you have in common.

5. Attend the LTEN Annual Conference

I believe every LTEN member should participate in at least one annual conference during their LTEN member journey — the next one is next month, June 12-15, in Phoenix, Ariz. Along with fantastic keynote speakers, learning labs and workshops, each conference provides an incredible number of opportunities to connect with other members.

Be sure, at a minimum, to attend the charity event, keynotes, at least two workshops and the LTEN Excellence Awards ceremony. Wondering why? Feel free to ask me.

Insider tip:  The conference is a perfect time to network. You never know who you’ll meet in the hallway or outside a workshop who just may transform the way you carry out your role.

I couldn’t resist a second insider tip: Be sure to visit the Build Your Case to Attend page on the LTEN website, which includes useful advice along with a letter template you can use when requesting approval.

6. Learn Something New

LTEN provides numerous ways to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry and pursue professional development at your own speed and schedule. Be sure to review the options featured on the LTEN website. I’d highly recommend:

  • LTEN Focus on Training magazine and Bonus Focus, which include quick and convenient ways to gain information on a wide variety of industry topics.
  • LTEN webinars, which feature global thought leaders and life science training experts discussing trends, case studies and practical skill-building information.
  • Partner Previews, which provide you with information about top industry partners’ products and offerings.

Insider tip:  Be sure to stay opted in to LTEN updates so you don’t miss any events or opportunities.

Branch Out

I find LTEN to be an indispensable resource for gaining industry information and making connections that help me advance toward my goals. I’ve also come to understand that LTEN shouldn’t be experienced in isolation. It is part of a wider network of industry publications, organizations and networks.

I get the most from my LTEN membership when I use what I gain from LTEN to better participate in this larger industry community and then bring what I learn back to my LTEN networks. I encourage you to do the same — and hope to have the chance to discuss our membership journeys at an LTEN event someday soon.

Jenn Lalli is the senior director of business development and marketing for Encompass Communications and Learning. Jenn is an LTEN Ambassador and member of the LTEN Editorial Board and was named the 2023 Provider Member of the Year. Encompass,, is an LTEN Preferred Industry Partner. Email Jenn at


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