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Meet the 2019 LTEN Members of the Year: Pam Marinko, Jill Tetrault and Jason Zeman

By September 30, 2019April 7th, 2021Focus On Training

Meet the 2019 LTEN Members of the Year: Pam Marinko, Jill Tetrault and Jason Zeman

By Tim Sosbe

Each year as part of the LTEN Annual Conference and Excellence Awards program, LTEN honors its Members of the Year, recognizing the people who’ve contributed extra time and effort to support LTEN’s mission and membership.

This year, the LTEN Board of Directors selected three Members of the Year – two from primary market (or “practitioner”) companies and one industry partner member. Nominations for Members of the Year are solicited from LTEN members and partners, as well as the LTEN Board, Advisory Council and staff. To make the final selections, board members look at volunteer contributions, work on committees or programs and generally those who selflessly give to support both LTEN and the broader life sciences training industry.

Meanwhile, it’s our pleasure to introduce to you the 2019 LTEN Members of the Year.

Pam Marinko, Chief Executive Officer

Proficient Learning, Member Since: September 2007

Contributions: Pam Marinko is always a reliable resource for LTEN, giving back through articles, program sponsorships and work on the Preferred Industry Partner Advisory Council and the LTEN Editorial Board. Described in her nomination as a pleasure to work with, Pam is a true believer in the LTEN mission and objectives and is always willing to help however possible.

Quote: “I am so grateful and honored to have received the Member of the Year Award. Networking with colleagues and being very involved in the organization has enabled me to grow, learn and develop beyond my expectations. With LTEN, I get much more benefit and value than I can possibly add. Attending the annual conference has always been a highlight of the year, whether working for a manufacturer or now as an industry partner. Being presented with this award is quite humbling, given the kind of organization it is. Made up of people who have dedicated their lives and careers to furthering the education and training for life sciences professionals, we collaborate, network and partner with each other to improve patient lives and outcomes. I’m grateful to the LTEN staff, the Board of Directors, the LTEN membership, my teammates and colleagues for their unwavering support.”

Jill Tetrault – Manager, Sales Excellence
Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Canada – Member Since: September 2014

Contributions: The first international selection for LTEN Member of the Year, Jill Tetrault became involved with LTEN after joining Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Canada. Since then, Jill has attended the LTEN conference every year and has participated regularly in webinars. Recognizing that continuous learning is not just about the sales representatives she trains, but also about her own self-development as a training professional, Jill has actively embraced LTEN programs. With the Canadian network steadily growing at LTEN, Jill has been a pioneer in bringing groundbreaking training technologies and methodologies to Canada.

Quote: “It was an incredible honor. I was very pleased to have received it and to have been recognized on behalf of Otsuka Canada. I’ve had people here work on projects with me, so the award wasn’t just mine, it was multiple people helping me get to that point and for training and development and for the pharmaceutical industry in Canada. I think LTEN represents a very good network for people to communicate with. Sometimes we’re in our own little office in our own little world and when we come to these events, it gives us perspective and gives us ideas. LTEN is very open and it’s wonderful to see the people who work in different companies in training don’t seem to be fearful of sharing some of the successes they’ve had. It’s a wonderful community. I was very impressed with that experience.”

Jason Zeman – Senior Director, Leadership & Organizational Development
Bausch Health – Member Since: September 2007

Contributions: Jason Zeman has been an active and avid supporter of LTEN and its programs. In addition to authoring articles and delivering webinars, Jason has also helped develop his team by getting them involved in LTEN publications and programs. Jason is also a member of the LTEN Field Training Committee and the LTEN Advisory Council, which supports the Board of Directors by helping bring programs and projects to life. Jason also helps educate LTEN members, including delivering a briefing to the LTEN Board on Bausch Health’s new field coaching model. Finally, he also used LTEN programs to help develop his colleagues, purchasing 100 associate memberships and eLearning Lounge bundles to train his team.

Quote: “Through the years, LTEN has contributed so much. This is my craft that I have chosen, the career I have chosen. LTEN has enabled me through their conferences, their course offerings, through their network and through the people who make up the LTEN community. I’m so passionate about what I do, and they’ve given me this voice to want to contribute, to create value and add value outside the organizations I’ve supported, to be able to give back and add that same value to LTEN. I feel that I’m better at what I do as a result of being a part of LTEN. To be recognized as LTEN Member of the Year in many ways is like a dream come true. I’m proud to represent Bausch Health as it signifies our commitment to our people and their career development.”

Members of the Year

LTEN will again name Members of the Year at the 49th LTEN Annual Conference in June 2020. If you are aware of a member who has contributed significantly to the success of LTEN, please take advantage of the opportunity to nominate them for recognition.

Your thoughts on potential LTEN Members of the Year can be sent to Dawn Brehm, LTEN executive director, at or visit the nomination form at



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