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Directions – Dawn Brehm

We must make the most of opportunities for growth, contribution and involvement

Wait … didn’t she retire? I’m not an easy person to be rid of, apparently.

Regular readers of Focus magazine – and attendees of the LTEN Annual Conference – might be wondering, “Didn’t she retire? Isn’t she out tending horses and working on other projects?”

Yes. Yes. And yes. But sometimes things come up and sometimes even when jobs end, passion and commitment don’t.

So, when LTEN found itself briefly between staff leadership again, I was more than happy to step back in and help. LTEN has been my personal and professional mission for a long time, and I’ll always be helpful and supportive to its leadership, its staff and, most importantly, its members.

My situation here is an example of what we all know well – life is full of transitions. Sometimes we control them, sometimes they’re surprises, sometimes they make us cheer, sometimes we power through. If trainers understand anything instinctively, it’s that we must make the most of all opportunities for growth, contribution and involvement.

In my case, my winding road brought me back home, to help my work family and friends. So let me ask you a question:

Where is your road taking you?

You don’t have to answer – you don’t even have to know. Over the course of your career you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore your passions.

That’s what makes LTEN so attractive. LTEN has resources to help you navigate the changing landscape of life sciences training and personal self-care tools as well.

LTEN offers resources such as this publication, our webinars, our events, our networking mixers, our educational offerings and our job board. As a valuable peer member, you offer something in return: Your time, engagement and passion help drive our network, determine its value and make it work for individuals, teams, organizations and industry partners.

If you’re not already familiar with the LTEN offerings, now is a great time to learn.

Of course, that can start with the LTEN website, the launching pad for all that we do. You can also reach out to current LTEN members through the website and learn more from those who have been actively involved.

Like any network, LTEN works best when all parts are connected and engaged. If you want to get the most of an experience, embrace it. It’s the same here:

  • Write an article for this publication. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task and we can help make it easier … tell us what you’re working on.
  • Speak at a webinar, mixer or LTEN event. Again, we can support your growth by giving you a stage and arming you for success. You bring your expertise and experiences.
  • Join a committee. LTEN has active committees that guide publications, events, charity work and special membership segments (like field sales and non-commercial trainers). Our committees help you explore your professional passions with likeminded colleagues who share the desire of helping others.
  • Nominate yourself, a colleague or client for an LTEN Excellence Award. That annual process is mostly about sharing, but it also helps our sometimesoverlooked industry get the attention it deserves.
  • Show up. Maybe you need to walk some more before you metaphorically run into deeper involvement. Build your involvement slowly if preferred. Read the publications, attend the programs and come to our conference. You’ll be ready to dig deeper before you know it.

Mind if I circle back to me for a moment? When I first joined LTEN, I received a warm welcome. When I came on board to lead the team, same thing. When I decided to retire, the goodbyes were heartfelt. And when I needed to step back in briefly, I was once again touched.

LTEN is a special group and we tend to make friends easily. Make sure you don’t miss out on that.

Dawn Brehm is interim executive director for LTEN. Email Dawn at

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