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LTEN Excellence Awards: Celebrating Noteworthy Work

By June 30, 2019September 28th, 2021Focus On Training


LTEN Excellence Awards: Celebrating Noteworthy Work

Excellence Awards

Training is largely about recognizing the talent in others, nurturing it and watching it grow. But often, that focus on others means the creativity, innovation and hard work of trainers goes quietly unnoticed. The beauty of the LTEN Excellence Awards is correcting that oversight and honoring the best work of truly impressive people.

Winners of the 5th Annual LTEN Excellence Awards will be unveiled at this year’s 48th LTEN Annual Conference, with the ceremony taking place the morning of Wednesday, June 5. You are formally invited – even encouraged – to join us and cheer the winners while learning a bit about their work.

Winners will be recognized in 9 categories, covering both primary market (practitioners) and supplier partners (providers):


  • Member of the Year (Practitioner)
  • Member of the Year (Provider)
  • All-Star Team (Practitioners)
  • Emerging Leaders (Practitioner)
  • Innovation (Practitioner)
  • Innovation (Provider)
  • Learning Content (Provider)
  • Industry Partnership (Practitioner)
  • Training for Change (Practitioner)

You’ll also have the chance to learn more about many of the nominated training programs and people at this year’s Poster Session.  For the annual Poster Session, award nominees are invited to submit a poster sharing details of their award-worthy work. The posters will be on display throughout the conference, so attendees can review them prior to the award ceremony.

Then, on the morning of Thursday, June 6, the award nominees and winners behind the training initiatives will be on-hand with their posters to discuss their work with you. It’s a great chance to “look under the hood” and be inspired by the innovative people and programs that power training.

LTEN Excellence Awards Committee

Thanks to members of the LTEN Excellence Awards Committee for their help planning this year’s awards program and ceremony. Members of the Awards Committee are:

  • Carol Wells, Genentech
  • Bill Magagna, Siemens Healthineers
  • John Sjovall
  • Greg Adamson, Philips


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