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Kevin Kruse & Evelyn Nichols to Join LTEN Hall of Fame

By July 31, 2020January 15th, 2021LTEN Focus On Training


Kevin Kruse & Evelyn Nichols to Join LTEN Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame – By Tim Sosbe

Meet this year’s LTEN Hall of Fame inductees.

Each year LTEN pauses to honor those who’ve helped us get where we are, by inducting new industry luminaries into the LTEN Hall of Fame. This year, the LTEN Hall of Fame will welcome former Board of Directors member Evelyn Nichols and former Executive Director Kevin Kruse.

The LTEN Hall of Fame was created to honor the people who helped pioneer, build and advance the life sciences training industry. Nominations for the Hall of Fame are accepted from any LTEN member, then inductees are reviewed and accepted by the LTEN Board of Directors based on industry merit, contributions to LTEN and overall support of and involvement in the wider life sciences training industry.

Kruse and Nichols both qualify with their longtime support, innovation and presence in life sciences training.

Kevin Kruse

When former LTEN Executive Director Kevin Kruse learned he’d been named to the Hall of Fame, his first reaction was to wonder if he was old enough.

“I’m thinking about people who’ve gotten it and they’re all retiring or retired or something,” Kruse laughed, then added seriously, “It’s really humbling and very nice, especially just knowing it came with approval from the board and I’ve always had great respect for them and all that they’ve given. In one way or another, I’ve been part of the society and all its flavors since around 1991 or 1992. It has been a long time. It’s really cool.”

Kruse first got involved with LTEN while working for familiar LTEN face Dr. Steven Just at Formal Systems. Back then, suppliers weren’t allowed to be LTEN members, but could attend conferences and functions. When Kruse left to form his own company, he continued to stay involved with what was then NSPST, the National Society of Pharmaceutical Sales Trainers. One of the tasks he undertook as a volunteer was building the network’s first website.

His involvement with what would become LTEN continued as he founded companies that became Preferred Industry Partner supporters, Red Nucleus and Axiom. Among his other major contributions over the years was leading the rebranding from SPBT to LTEN and helping change the bylaws to allow industry suppliers to become members.

Kruse is grateful he was able to make connections and friends through his LTEN involvement. His advice for current LTEN members is simple:

“It’s just to volunteer and show up,” he said. “We’re all so busy with the job that we often don’t make time for the career. Day-to-day we’re focused on the job but we’re selling ourselves short on our careers if we don’t make time for the networking and the volunteering, whether it’s going to the mixers, attending the annual conference, making an effort to volunteer and help with some of the projects and meeting people. Just mixing it up out there is going to bring back a lot over the years.”

Evelyn Nichols

Former LTEN Board of Directors member Evelyn Nichols was surprised and honored by inclusion into the Hall of Fame. Nichols was co-founder of Informa Training Partners with Jennifer Gulbrand, and she retired from the company and the LTEN Board last November when her company was acquired by Red Nucleus.

Now enjoying retirement along with her husband in South Florida, Nichols took time to reflect on her career and LTEN involvement that led to the Hall of Fame selection.

“I was surprised,” Nichols said. “I’ve been in the industry for a long time, and I was on the Board for seven years. I was co-owner of the company for 21 years, and we’ve supported LTEN from the day that we opened our doors. We’ve been a strong supporter, always been an industry partner. It is definitely an honor. I think back to the people that I’ve worked with at many of these companies and also my colleagues who’ve been around for many years and are very deserving too. I’m very humbled and appreciative of the honor.”

Supporting the network was a natural choice for Nichols and Informa, with so many of her customers being members. She found both friendships and business relationships as a member.

“For us it was a place you had to be involved,” Nichols said. “For me personally, being elected to the Board gave me experience and personal growth that I never would have gotten if I hadn’t been with LTEN.”

Some of the highlights of her LTEN time include the strong membership growth of LTEN, nearly doubling over the past few years, and also the growth of services and resources offered to members. To those members, Nichols’ advice is simple:

“Participate,” she said. “There are so many opportunities for people to get involved. Take advantage of the opportunities that LTEN has to offer. It can help your career and help you gain recognition within the organization by your peers and clients.”


Tim Sosbe is editorial director for LTEN. Email Tim at


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