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Alnylam: Creating Learning With FLARE

By October 19, 2021LTEN Focus On Training



Alnylam: Creating Learning With FLARE

FIELD TRAINERS – Shawn Nordquist

A positive attitude, thirst for more experience and innovative ideas are invaluable

Alnylam is a new and growing organization, and one area where we needed infrastructure was an engagement model. To optimize our field teams’ effectiveness, the training team built a customized engagement approach and field training program, named FLARE, to help develop our incredibly talented field team.

I was honored to be one of the first choices for acceptance in the FLARE program. I’ve been involved since the inception from the early design phase through the implementation and rollout.

I worked heavily in the design phase, providing feedback from a field perspective along with successful implementation and continued pull-through. This helped to pull through the framework across three brands in the United States. I was able to gain global experience, as the program has been adopted by our global partners in the EU and Latin America.

As part of this development and pull-through, I helped with the rollout of the framework by providing a motivational quote via text to the field every Monday. I owned this part of the project from investigating IT capabilities in house and working with our IT team to be able to push these texts every Monday to our field  teams.

The survey results after the rollout of our advanced customer engagement (ACE) program showed how impressed the field was. Having a positive attitude, thirst for more training experience and innovative ideas are invaluable to training teams. I’m looking forward to continuing to support this patient-centric mindset and core  values that enhance our holistic approach.

Shawn Nordquist is a business account executive for Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.  Email Shawn at


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