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All-Star Teams The Patient Journey Workshop Team, Astellas U.S.

By September 30, 2019April 7th, 2021Focus On Training

All-Star Teams The Patient Journey Workshop Team, Astellas U.S.

The workshop was described as “emotional, extremely educational and highly motivating.”


Team Name:

The Patient Journey Workshop Team – Astellas Pharma U.S.

Team Members:

  • Beverly Joyer, senior training manager
  • Joseph Williams, associate director
  • Tim Fergus, anti-infective marketing
  • Stephen Skinner, regional sales manager
  • Laura Miller, regional sales manager
  • Kolleen Sulli, regional sales manager


A multi-departmental group of sales, marketing and training, the Astellas Patient Journey Workshop Team was asked to create a training session to refocus, recharge and motivate hospital sales professionals. Working together, the team created a program that drives home the impact sales representatives can have on the lives of patients, families and healthcare providers. The workshop, described as “emotional, extremely educational and highly motivating,” created one patient’s journey – an architect named Dynele – and showed it through three different perspectives.


“Traditionally, Astellas National Sales Forum sessions focus on the healthcare provider, our customer,” said Amity Cutaia, associate director of sales training for Astellas. “This approach of broadening our knowledge to understand that there are three very separate perspectives to each story was outside how we have ever approached a learning session. Understanding the three different views from the patient, caregiver and healthcare provider allowed the participants to see that there are different needs for each of the people involved. Dynele’s story demonstrates how the actions we, Astellas employees, take each and every day impact patients’ lives and how this responsibility drives the hospital team daily to reach beyond their goals.”


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