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Meet A Member: 5 Questions with David Purdy

Networking is crucial to business careers and is one of the main benefits of LTEN membership: The chance to meet, connect and learn from your life sciences peers. For this new Bonus Focus feature, we’re happy to introduce you to LTEN member David Purdy.

Purdy is president of Psychological Consultants, Inc.(PCI) and has been an LTEN member for 26 years. Purdy leads and inspires a team of leadership development professionals, maintaining ongoing communication with client and developing new business opportunities for his company. In addition, he authors articles (including many for LTEN Focus magazine), and focuses on advising; coaching and development. Purdy is also a member of the LTEN Advisory Council, which helps to support the LTEN Board of Directors. This Q&A article will tell you more about Purdy and his life sciences career.

Bonus Focus (BF): How long have you been an LTEN member?

David Purdy (DP): 26 years!

BF: What value has LTEN brought to your career?

DP: Through LTEN, I’ve gotten to know many talented training professionals and have learned so much about the life sciences industry, including the challenges faced by sales representatives and managers.  At the annual conference, I have the opportunity to reconnect with clients and past participants in PCI’s assessment/development center programs.  I also enjoy meeting people who are new to their training roles.  The workshops and keynotes are always very educational, and the networking events are fun.  I come away from every conference energized and ready to apply all the new things I learned.   One of the most valuable aspects of LTEN is the friendships I’ve developed that originated there!

BF: What is the best career advice you received?

DP: Early on, I heard the message “pursue your passion and don’t focus on money – do what you enjoy most and the rewards will be forthcoming.”  That was sound advice.  I was fortunate enough to find and pursue my passion – which became my career.

BF: What advice would you offer someone seeking a career in training?

DP: Make sure you really have a passion for it.  And then study the craft from every angle, seeking to learn from others’ experiences.  Always remember that your role is to inspire and support learning in others.  To do that effectively, you must care about the people you’re training and educating.  Make sure you keep your listening skills well honed.

BF: When you think of great leader you worked with, what made them great?

DP: My “great leader” was initially my professor in grad school.  He later became my boss – and eventually my business partner.  These are the factors that made him great: motivational; supportive; provided honest feedback; gave plenty of “rope”; set high standards; expected great things of me and never doubted my potential.  He also taught me the principles of leadership.

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