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LTEN Board of Directors Sets Term Limits for Board Members

By September 7, 2018September 8th, 2020LTEN Bonus Focus

Roanoke, VA, June 26, 2018 – To ensure the LTEN Board of Directors is constantly infused with new ideas, the LTEN Board of Directors voted to amend organizational by-laws to place term limits on Board membership, ensuring that one-third of the Board changes every three years.

Starting in 2018, each Board member will now serve a three-year term, up from two years, prior to being considered for re-election. In addition, one-third of each constituent segment of the board (Pharma/Biotech, Medical Device, Preferred Industry Partner, etc.) also will be monitored to ensure the turnover target is met. If the turnover target is not met by natural attrition, the longest-sitting member in that segment will be asked to retire from the Board. Exceptions are made for time served as an officer.

LTEN Board President David Fortanbary, who led the initiative, stated, “It’s essential that the LTEN Board remains fresh and provides new ideas while representing the member population. I am pleased we amended our by-laws to ensure fresh perspectives and diversity are hallmarks of Board membership.”

In addition to tenure, Board members are responsible for supporting the mission of the organization and for participating in Board projects and decisions.

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