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LTEN Past Presidents

The LTEN has a tradition of great leaders serving the organization. The following is a list of the men and women who provided outstanding leadership during their terms as president of the LTEN Board of Directors.

Years Name Company
2018-2019 David Fortanbary UCB
2016-2017 Mary Myers Bayer HealthCare
2014-2015 John Sjovall, Jr.  Collegium Pharmaceutical 
2012-2013 Carol Wells Genentech
2010-2011 Mike Capaldi Sanofi
2008-2009 Jennifer Zinn Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (J&J)
2006-2007 John Constantine Merck
2001-2005 Steve Rauschkolb Pfizer & Aventis
2000-2001 Ted Miller Merck
1999-2000 Mark Osborne Searle
1998-1999 Jim LaMartina Park-Davis
1997-1998 Andrew Hartnett Astra Merck
1995-1996 Terry N. Thompson Bristol-Myers Squibb
1994-1995 Paul Pinsonault Reed & Carnrick
1993-1994 Richard D. Haymes Hoescht-Roussel
1993-1994 Gary Pesowski Purdue
1993 Jeanne (Mowrey) Male Novo Nordisk
1992 Judith Robinson UpJohn
1991-1992 Margaret Pyles Bristol-Myers Squibb
1990-1991 Jim Sheridan Pfizer Canada
1989-1990 Gary J. Wilson  
1988-1989 Gene Jones UpJohn
1987-1988 R. Theodore (Ted) Pentz Ortho
1986-1987 Vincent R. Badala Syntex
1985-1986 Davis S. Caskey A.H. Robins
1984-1985 Allen C. Boyette Syntex
1983-1984 J.B. Flora Sandoz
1981-1983 Frank E. Cirillo Dorsey
1980-1981 Edward L. VanMetre Astra
1979-1980 Dudley Hudgins Marion
1978-1979 Ralph Anderson Mallinckrodt
1977-1978 Paul Persson Organon
1976-1977 J. C. "Bud" Berthel UpJohn
1975-1976 V. N. "Andy" Anderson Squibb
1974-1975 A. Jerry Zoldos Wyeth
1973-1974 Sam Allar Sandoz
1971-1972 Sal Barilla Organon
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