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LTEN Excellence Awards

Join Us as We Celebrate the Best in L&D!

During Wednesday morning’s general session we will announce the winners of the first annual LTEN Excellence Awards. Join us in congratulating the finalists and winners in a special ceremony. On Thursday morning, you will have the chance to view the award entries in a special poster presentation.

PRACTITIONER (Trainer/Educator/Organization) PROVIDER (Industry Partner/Supplier)
 • Innovation  • Innovation
 • Emerging Leader  • Learning Content
 • Pinnacle — Two Awards, Each Based on Org Size  • Industry Partnership


The LTEN Excellence Awards are Proudly Sponsored by:

Key Dates & Time line

January 2, 2015:              Nominations are Open

March 9, 2015:                 Nominations Closed at Midnight ET

March 9-April 24, 2015:    Judging and Selection

April 24, 2015:                 Finalists Announced

June 3, 2015:                    Winners Announced at the LTEN 44th Annual Conference during the Plenary Session in the Grand Saguaro at 10:30 AM.

Awards Categories

The call for entries is now closed.

If you have questions in the meanwhile, please contact Dawn Brehm, LTEN executive director, at






Industry Partnership

Recognizes suppliers for their work, either via whole or partially outsourced services, content development and delivery or training, in support of an organization’s learning and development function in the past year. Providers can self-nominate or be nominated by LTEN member company. Clarity Community
Learning Content Recognizes suppliers that have created superior customized or off-the-shelf learning content in the past year. Providers can self-nominate or be nominated by LTEN member company. Clarity Career
Innovation Recognizes suppliers that have deployed innovative practices, processes and technologies in support of a client’s learning program that delivers engaging learning combining multiple modalities in the past year. Examples include workshops, eLearning, mLearning, social collaboration tools, and games. Providers can self-nominate or nominated by a LTEN member company. Clarity Community



For learning leaders who have collaborated effectively with internal and external groups and individuals to marshal resources and apply innovative practices, processes or technologies in a new and groundbreaking way to address a significant business or organizational opportunity in the past year. Practitioners can self-nominate or be nominated by others at an LTEN member company. Clarity Community
Emerging Leader

For someone relatively new to the training field who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, business savvy, and training instincts.Criteria for Emerging Leader award:
  • Must be in the training industry for a minimum of one year, but no more than 3 years.
  • Successfully led a large-scale training/learning and development initiative within the last year.
  • Demonstrates specific leadership qualities.
  • Has potential to lead the Training or Learning & Development function at an organization over the next decade.
Heads of departments are ineligible.
Practitioners CANNOT self-nominate.Nominations must come from managers, co-workers, or peers/colleagues at an LTEN member company. Career

For organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success as a result of employee L&D. These organizations “get it” – they use the learning function as a strategic business tool to get results.Two awards are offered based on the organization's size:
  • Division 1 for companies >10,000 employees
  • Division 2 for companies <10,000 employees
Demonstrate excellence in the following:
  • Learning has an enterprise-wide role: involved in the executive team, creating solutions to business issues, and setting organizational strategy.
  • Learning has value in the organization's culture: learning opportunities for employees, C-level involvement, learning for growth of the organization, and innovation.
  • Learning links to individual and organizational performance: alignment with the business, efficiency, measurement of the effectiveness of learning, and success with non-training solutions for business needs.
  • Investment is made in learning and performance initiatives.
  • Launched a new enterprise learning function or completely overhauled existing workforce development initiatives.
Recognize leader and team members in department.
Practitioners can self-nominate or be nominated by others at an LTEN member company.

Clarity Community Career


How to Apply

  1. To start your application, click on the Apply links in the table above, you'll create an account by entering your email address and creating a password. All applications will be collected via our secure online awards site. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges.

    A)   Each training practice (program being submitted for award) can be submitted for only one award category.  Organizations or individuals may submit as many applications as they choose but please note that each entry carries its own application fee.

    B) There is a $295 application fee for each application submitted. The fee will be collected as the last step of the online application process.

  2. The application and payment deadline is March 9, 2015.

  3. Do NOT include any references to your organization’s name or learning staff in this part of your application.

    A)    The review of your entry will be blind and judges should not see the name of your organization/company or staff anywhere in this entry, including photos, screenshots, charts or graphics. Applications that include information that reveal the company identity may be disqualified.

    B)   If the practice name includes the company name, rename the practice to something generic. For example “The LTEN Learning System” would be called “The COMPANY Learning System” on this application.

  4. You may designate parts of your answer NFP (not for publication) if you are including information that should not be shared publicly if your training practice is chosen as a winner.

  5. All submitted nominations for award consideration must be fully implemented, not planned practices or practices that are newly implemented. Pilot programs are acceptable for award consideration, but must be in place for at least six (6) months to be considered.

  6. Make sure any metrics you share are clearly and strongly substantiated in your answer. Strong metrics, time in practice and sustainable results are what the reviewers are looking for.

  7. Provide examples and data where possible.  You may include up to three (3) supporting graphics (screenshots, charts, tables, photos are allowed, but videos are not allowed) as part of this application.  Embed them in the answers to which they pertain. You may also indicate which image/graphic belongs to which answer.

  8. Strong applications tell a story that ties needs identification in the very beginning to the results achieved at the end.  

  9. Applicants are responsible to ensure corporate reviews for award submission have occurred within their company, if required.

  10.  Once submitted, all award applications are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

For details on eligibility, application process, cost, judging process, winner selection and recognition, and award criteria, please click here.

For additional questions, please contact Dawn Brehm, LTEN executive director, at

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