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Welcome to Bonus Focus, the online companion to LTEN Focus on Training magazine. We’ll feature web-exclusive articles focusing on topics that life sciences trainers and educators care about, posted on an ongoing basis. Be sure to keep an eye on this page for new articles. 

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LTEN Members Discuss ‘EQ vs. IQ’ at San Diego Mixer 

By Dawn Brehm

A large group of LTEN members and their colleagues came out for the March 6, 2018, LTEN Network After Work mixer, held at the Andaz hotel in San Diego. The mixer was sponsored by ScienceMedia, Quantum Learning and Illuminate, and was the latest in the ongoing series of LTEN member events held throughout the United States.


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Leading Change: Build Trust, Commitment & Resiliency 

By Amy Glass

Leading change is one of the most complex challenges a leader can face. Teams get restructured and moved. Teams lose members, and even managers. Territories grow and shrink, business units get dissolved. Things essentially are in a constant upheaval. But things also get better. Here are six lessons learned that can help you successfully lead change.


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LTEN Members Test Virtual Reality at Parsippany Mixer 

By Dawn Brehm

About 50 members of LTEN and their colleagues came together again for the Feb. 13, 2018, LTEN Network After Work mixer, held at the Embassy Suites in Parsippany, NJ. The mixer was sponsored by Axiom and Tipping Point Media, and was the latest in the ongoing series of LTEN member events held throughout the United States.


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Leadership Principles from the Ozone Layer 

By Orlando Ceaser

The scenario happens every day. You have an elegant plan to exceed customer expectations. You need everyone engaged and ready for flawless execution. However, the fire alarm goes off. You are below forecast and the heat comes down from above. The heat is intense. The fiery temperament demands explanations; the disappointment morphs into threats. You cannot let the heat go through unfiltered to your people. They may not be psychologically prepared for the intensity. Their leader, to use a scientific metaphor, should be the ozone layer for their people.


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Making You, Not PowerPoint, the Primary Focus

By Stephanie Scotti

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "presentation?" If you're like many business leaders, it's probably "PowerPoint." The reality is, the PowerPoint slide deck has become synonymous with a presentation, to the point where the length of a talk is commonly measured by the number of slides. This thinking can lead us to make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse, or in this case, the slide deck before the message. A PowerPoint slide deck is not the presentation. You are the presentation, and you need to be the primary focus. 


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