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2012 SPBT Industry Landscape Study

Purchase the 2012 SPBT Industry Landscape Study to receive:

  • Complete 2012 SPBT Industry Landscape Study delivered via PDF
  • A one-hour personal consultation with an expert from TGaS Advisors
  • Complimentary introductory participation in TGaS Advisor's Virtual How Network, with select access to quarterly VHows

"I'm using the 2012 SPBT Landscape Study to validate current practices and to inform my strategic planning for 2013. It's the best snapshot of peer practices available."

- Carol Wells, Senior Director, Commercial Training & Development, Genentech

More than 40 companies offered qualitative and quantitative information for the study, the largest, most definitive research of current practices and trends in life science commercial training. This thorough analysis - with more than 5000 data points - will enable you to compare resources against peer companies, offer strategic insights to stakeholders, and make sound business decisions.

"Given the size of training leaders' budgets, for a modest fee the SPBT Industry Landscape Study provides critical data to make the best investment decisions."

- Mike Capaldi, Associate VP, Civic Action & Social Networking, Sanofi

"The Landscape Study is an outstanding tool! ...nowhere else can we get unbiased data from more than 40 peer companies. This information, reinforces and gives perspective to modify our plans, inside our organization."

- Jim Trunick, Sr. Director, Allergan

Sneak preview of 2012 data points!

  • While companies require 13 days of self-study training for first-time sales reps in diagnostic and primary care settings, post training transfer is minimal
  • Despite a high external trend impacting companies, only about 25% of PCP and specialty representatives receive training on healthcare reform
  • Top trends expected over the next few years included advanced selling skills, presenting information digitally, and mobile learning via iPad

Study content includes:

  • Life Science Industry Overview: current state, internal and external forces, benchmark implications
  • Quantitative Survey: current and future state of L&D, scope and structure, training metrics, use of technology
  • Qualitative Interviews: future trends 1-3 Years

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