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LTEN Board Seeks New PIP Board Member

Thursday, September 17, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Nannette Nolan

The LTEN Board of Directors is seeking one new Board member from our Preferred Industry Partner community. To be eligible for a Board role an Industry Partner must be a Preferred Industry Partner PIP.  PIPs demonstrate commitment to LTEN through a yearly contract of support at various levels.  Additional information on the PIP program is attached, may be found at:  or by contacting Gregg Haunroth at / 608-562-6537.

Current LTEN PIP Board members are:

            Ian Kelly - President, Red Nucleus

            Evelyn Nichols - Executive Director & Co-founder, Informa Training Partners

Ian or Evelyn would be happy to further discuss their experience as LTEN Board members.


LTEN Directors are required to be LTEN members who hold a senior leadership position within their company. LTEN Directors serve two-year terms. The Board meets three to four times a year in person, in addition to monthly conference calls. Directors are expected to volunteer for special projects, join sub-committees, attend the annual conference and support member recruitment efforts. Directors vote on a variety of issues and are asked to review and approve financial documents including tax returns. Directors must sign a conflict of interest statement acknowledging that their role as a director will not bias or influence decisions in their daily business.  Directors serve without compensation and must cover their own travel expenses.

In addition, PIP members are represented on the Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council works hand in hand with the Board to complete projects.  Advisory Council service is an excellent opportunity to gain additional insight into the workings of LTEN.

Current PIP Advisory Council members are:

            Michelle O’Connor – President & CEO, CMR Institute

            David Purdy – President, Psychological Consultants



The nominating and selection process will be as follows:

1) Nominations will be accepted from now until October 1, 2015.

2) Interested individuals may self-nominate by emailing the attached LTEN Board Nomination Form to Miki St. Clair at

3) Miki will call to confirm receipt of your nomination within 48 hours. If you don't get this telephone confirmation you should reach out to her at 540-725-3859 to remedy the issue.

4) Each LTEN PIP company representative will receive a list of all candidates and be asked to indicate his/her preference for one candidate. THIS IS A NON-BINDING VOTE that is merely designed to provide additional information to the LTEN Board. Each LTEN PIP company will be allowed one "vote” and companies cannot vote for themselves. PIP representatives will be given one week to register their preferred choice of Board member.

5) The LTEN Board nominating committee will review all submissions and the PIP feedback, and may choose to conduct phone interviews with candidates.

6) The LTEN Board will make the final selection of the new Board member.

If you have questions about this process please contact me at


Dawn Brehm

Executive Director

LTEN Board Nomination Form







Company Name:



Best phone number to reach candidate at:



Best email address to reach candidate at:



Briefly describe why you would like to join the LTEN Board of Directors:














Brief Bio:











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