MDD Trainers Summit
Online Facilitation Certificate

Want to deliver engaging, interactive virtual learning experiences?

As budgets shrink and the need to train your global sales teams increases, more organizations are moving their training online. Are you ready?

Learn how to maximize participation among remote learners and expand upon your existing facilitation skills, all while seamlessly managing synchronous event logistics like a pro. See complete agenda here.

Take this 6-part online course on your computer from the convenience of your home or office. Each session is two-hours long and is held once weekly from Jan. 28 through Mar. 4.

Run smooth and trouble-free synchronous events from start to finish, every time

After this course, you'll have the tools to:

  • Keep your audience energized, focused, and motivated
  • Create an effective learning environment with your voice and read 'body language'
  • Identify synchronous team teaching benefits and opportunities
  • Head-off tech disasters and logistics nightmares
  • Develop and execute synchronous events from expertly from start to finish

More than facilitation. Mastery of the virtual classroom.

I've been doing online facilitation for a number of months and I really found that I, like most of us, fell into the role of being a lecturer, and not providing and environment that allowed people to engage and participate in the online learning... I [learned] to be a better facilitator and really work with the audience and engage the audience..." ~ David Brin, Worldwide Manager of Curriculum Strategy, Design and Governance at Ethicon Biosurgery


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